Books About Periods for Girls

Best Period Books for Girls

period books for girls

I remember being completely unprepared for my period when my cycle started.

I didn’t know how often to expect it (no period trackers), didn’t have the period supplies I needed, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for the emotional part.

None of the science education I’d had up to that point accurately addressed the menstrual cycle, and I was wholly uneducated about it.

Judy Blume’s, “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.” was the only real authentic depiction of a girl and her period.

That’s why It blows my mind that there are so many books about periods for girls now.

I’m excited about it, really!

Books as tools to teach girls about their periods

There is so much to know about periods.

I mean, you have to decide between menstrual cups and period underwear.

Have to figure out how to handle PMS.

And really, you have to learn pretty much everything about how women’s bodies work. 

Thanks to social media, girls have a lot more access to this information.

There are actual gynecologists on TikTok sharing health facts! 

Books are still relevant, though. 

books about periods

Even if your daughter doesn’t think she needs a book thanks to Dr. TikTok, trust me, she’ll pull it out eventually.

After all, there’s only so much info you can get in a 60 second video.

Still, you’ll have a much better chance of your girl cracking a book about periods open if you choose one that is perfectly suited for her as an individual.

There are books about periods for all maturity levels

When you’re looking for books about periods for your daughter, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your daughter’s maturity level and ability to understand complex topics like sex and eating disorders.
  • Her learning style. For example, is she a visual learner? In that case, books with great graphics will keep her engaged. Select books that will meet your daughter where she understands the best. 
  • Whether your daughter has a personal puberty “pain point” that needs to be addressed. Are there any issues that she seems to need more help with than other? In addition to general books about puberty, there are period books that focus on body image, mindset, or hygiene.  

Free Period Tracker Printable

In case the type of period book you’re looking for is a period tracker planner, feel free click to print this simple tracker I created especially for the Mama Knows It All community. 

If you’d prefer to purchase a copy rather than printing it out, check it out over on Amazon.

period tracker for girls

The best books about periods for girls

It doesn’t matter how old your daughter is, there is a book out there for her.

These are the best books about periods for girls for all types of girls. 

I know you’ll be able to find one for the girl in your life!

Books About Periods for Girls

Going through puberty is life-changing for girls, literally. These books will help them navigate their periods, changing bodies, and the emotions that come with getting older.


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