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Meet Brandi

brandi riley

Hello there!  I’m Brandi, a Northern California African-American mom, wife, blogger, journal writer, tech manager—you know, I juggle a lot, like a lot of moms! 

Who Is Brandi?

Way back in 2010, I was living in Philadelphia and was looking for a way to both celebrate and  work through the challenges of being a new mom.

I started Mama Knows It All to chronicle my own personal journey.

This site has evolved, though, and now it is a resource for women around the world who are looking for encouragement as they figure out what being a mom means for them.

In addition to helpful tips and information, I share intimate stories about my life and my family to let other women know that regardless of their circumstances, they are not alone.

I have a degree in Speech and Theater, and for just about a decade, I was a Creative Educator, teaching playwriting and drama to youth all over Philadelphia. I  also wrote interdisciplinary curricula, and created the D.R.A.M.A. Queens program (Dream Realizing and Mission Accomplishing Queens) to encourage positive self-esteem in girls and women.

Uplifting girls and women comes naturally to me, and I’ve carried that same D.R.A.M.A. Queens attitude into Mama Knows It All. 

About The Blog

My goal is for Mama Knows It All to be like a sisterfriend giving advice to moms, and auntie to the girls. 

Over the years the direction of the blog has changed as I’ve grown as Brandi the mother. 

Where I used to post baby posts, now the focus is on wellness and health for girls and their moms. 

You can expect a lot of posts about the menstrual cycle, reflection and journaling, emotional support, and anything that uplifts girls and women.

Brand Ambassador, Freelance writer, and Content Creator

My goal for this blog is to not just work with brands and organizations.

I want to be a true partner in sharing information, inciting excitement and building real relationships. My audience really responds to my anecdotal posts that feature brands to help enhance their lives.

Please email me at [email protected] to discuss partnership opportunities.

Let’s Connect!

Send me an email at [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter at @BrandiJeter