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30 Mental Health Journal Prompts

Managing my mental health has been an ongoing journey filled with ups and downs.

I’ve been open about my struggles with anxiety and depression, and the fact that medication, therapy, diet, and lifestyle changes help me manage.

Even with these tools, there are still challenging periods where my symptoms feel overwhelming.

My mind races with dark thoughts, and my energy lags. All I want to do is hide out under a cover. 

I have a family, though, and responsibilities. And besides, that’s no way to live.

So, I am very intentional about caring for my mental health and trying to stay ahead of the darkness.

Journaling has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve found to process my emotions, clarify my thoughts, support my personal growth, and cultivate more mental resilience.

Putting pen to paper helps me untangle my emotions. Sometimes I free-write, and other times I use a guided journal.

If you are looking for some support with managing your mental health through journaling, here are some mental health journal prompts to get you started.

Mental Health Journal Prompts

  1. Have I ever talked to a therapist or counselor? Why or why not?
  2. How has my family history affected my mental health?
  3. What are the signs I notice when my mental health declines? 
  4. What boosts my mood when I’m feeling low?
  5. Have I ever felt shamed for struggling with my mental health? If so, how did I overcome that?
  6. What lies about mental health do I need to unlearn? 
  7. How has my mental health journey shaped me into who I am today? 
  8. Who can I turn to when I’m having a tough time? 
  9. What self-care practices make the biggest difference for my mental well-being?
  10. Have I been avoiding anything that I need to process through journaling?
  11. What boundaries do I need to set for people or things that drain my mental energy?
  12. How can I regularly be more attentive to my emotional needs?
  13. How have my views about mental health changed as I got older?
  14. What inspires and uplifts me? How can I get more of that in my life?
  15. How has my mental health impacted my relationships?
  16. What lessons can I learn from times my mental health struggled in the past?
  17. How has mental health affected the way I work towards my goals? 
  18. When do I feel most empowered and true to myself? 
  19. How have I opened up to loved ones about my mental health? What was their reaction?
  20. If my best friend was struggling like I do, what would I tell them? 
  21. What is my crisis plan if I have a mental health emergency? 
  22. How has my mental health shaped my perspectives?
  23. What signs of progress can I celebrate?
  24. How can I advocate for mental health awareness in my community?
  25. What trauma or life events have impacted my mental health? 
  26. How can I make my home environment more calming?
  27. How can I frame my inner voice to be kind to myself?
  28. Who can I reach out to if I need mental health support?
  29. What inspires me about those who have overcome mental health challenges?
  30. How can I be gentle with myself on difficult mental health days?