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Encourage Your Teen to Love Her Body

Encourage your daughter to love her body

When you’re a parent, it’s not easy to watch your daughter go through awkward tween and teen years.

Although girls these days are so much more empowered to love themselves exactly as they are, they will still occasionally face the pressure to look a certain way. 

That can really do a number on a girl’s self-esteem.

As a mom to a teenage daughter, I wanted to provide my baby with unconditional love and teach her to embrace her beauty, inside and out. 

It might seem like our teens aren’t listening sometimes, but I know that they are.

Here are some ideas of things to do to I want to encourage your teen to love her body.

  • Lead by Example

We all have body image struggles sometimes, even us adults.

When you’re having a moment, don’t shame yourself in front of your teen.

Instead, show her it’s okay to be kind and patient with yourself. 

Compliment yourself and focus on all the amazing things your body can do.

If you want to encourage your teen to love her body, model loving yours and she’ll follow your lead.

  • Focus on Health

Help shift her focus to developing healthy habits versus obsessing over her weight or looks.

Enjoy active hobbies as a family like walking, cycling, or yoga.

Teach her to cook easy, nutritious meals and remind her that her body is still maturing and needs food and movement.

  • Limit Social Media

We all know social media promotes unrealistic beauty standards. Limit your teen’s scrolling time and make sure she follows body-positive accounts that celebrate diverse bodies. Remind her the “perfect” images she sees online are often heavily edited.

  • Correct Body Shaming

If you hear your teen criticize her body or someone else’s, gently intervene.

Explain that all bodies deserve respect.

Offer compassionate reminders about rejecting unhealthy stereotypes.

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  • Buy Clothes That She Feels Good In

Allow your daughter to express herself through fashion and wear clothes that make her feel confident without judging her.

She has the right to wear whatever she feels good in.

Skip any comments that police her body or suggest certain outfits are “inappropriate.”

Encourage her to wear whatever she likes.

  • Be Honest About Puberty

Some physical changes during puberty can be tough on teens.

Reassure your daughter that it’s normal for bodies to change as they get older.

Things like body hair and blemishes are normal, and not something she should be ashamed of.

  • Compliment Her Character

While there’s nothing wrong with “You look pretty!”, be sure to compliment your daughter’s character, too.

Tell her how kind, creative, and talented she is.

She’ll remember these compliments about her character forever.

It’s Our Responsibility

It’s wonderful to see my daughter blossom into a confident young woman.

While she still has moments of doubt, she knows her worth comes from within.

As mothers, we have such power to shape our daughters’ self-image. 

It’s a big responsibility, but one that I wouldn’t leave to anyone else.