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Building Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem

I worked with tween girls for years before I ever became a mom and started building my own daughter’s self-esteem. That age, right around 9 and 10 is such a critical time in a girl’s life. Up until that age, life is easy.  Everybody plays together. Nobody really cares what other kids are wearing or …

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Pregnant With Depression: You’re Not Alone

Content Warning: Pregnant with depression and suicidal ideation.  My journey to motherhood didn’t start under the happiest of circumstances.  I was already experiencing the most chaotic times of my entire life when I became pregnant. The spiral of sadness that I had been going down before I conceived paled in comparison to the overwhelming sense of …

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You’ve Been Booed Printables & Ideas For Kids

Looking for fun you’ve been booed printables and ideas for boo bags?  I have just the thing for you!  During the pandemic, my daughter was craving connection with her friends. One day in March, she and her friends walked out of their school.  By October, they still weren’t back to in school learning. My extroverted …

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