Money Reflection Worksheet

I’ve always held a full-time job while juggling side hustles.

I think it stems from my days as a theater actor, piecing together gigs to make ends meet.

Back then, I’d go from rehearsals during the day to teaching workshops at night, plus brand ambassador work in between.

Now as a working mom, I still find myself juggling my professional career with passion projects on the side. It’s a constant balancing act.

There never seems to be enough time for work, family, and self-care. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

What I’ve learned over time is that I need to let some things go.

I had been clinging to certain work out of habit and money, even when it no longer fulfilled me.

Being tethered to my devices without being fully present took a toll. Something had to change.

The first step was recommitting to my priorities – my health, family time, and making memories.

That’s ultimately why I work. Focusing on my “why” was key to finding balance.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on how I can earn money in a way that truly matches my values, priorities, and purpose.

I started doing money reflections and meditations to gain clarity around my financial goals.

My aim is to put together a plan for a purpose-driven career path that fulfills me.

Money Reflection Questions

Now, y’all know I’ll take any opportunity I can to journal, so I created my own guided reflection with questions that I thought would help me to sort out my feelings about making money.

The questions I reflected on are:

  • How am I making money? A simple list of all of my income sources – the foundation of your financial journey.
  • Where am I making the most money? An honest assessment of my most lucrative streams of income.
  • What else has my money-making attention? A list of new opportunities or ideas I’m considering (including in-progress work)
  • Why am I working? The motivation behind my financial goals.
  • What do I want to do with the money I make? I wrote about my short and long-term aspirations.
  • How do I want to make money? An honest reflection on the actual work I want to do.
  • What stresses me out about making money? Identifying the financial stressors and challenges holding me back.
  • What do I want the most? This was a free write of my deepest desires for my life. 

Going through this guided reflection highlighted what matters most to me: providing for my family and making memories with my loved ones.

This exercise is great for accountability, and I’ll continue to revisit it, reflect on my why, and make sure I’m on track.  

Download the Money Reflection Worksheet

If you’d like to gain clarity about your financial goals and work, click to download the Money Reflection worksheet.

I suggest going through each question and responding to them before you move on to the reflect column.

After you finish, don’t forget to keep coming back to it. Hang it somewhere you can see it to make sure you’re on track for your purposeful money-making goals. 

I believe that I can have a career and life I love, filled with passion and purpose. 

And I know you can have it, too.

6 responses to “Money Reflection Worksheet”

  1. Amanda Avatar

    Thanks so much for the great worksheet. It’s super important remember where I make the most money and to focus on it.

  2. Cassandra Avatar

    I love how personal this post is. It allows readers to really get to know you and why you feel that it’s really important for all of us to reflect on our finances and our goals related to our finances. Having the questions listed a brief explanation is a really helpful way of showing us how we might do our own reflection. Last but not least, your transition to the worksheet felt like an organic natural step to take.

  3. Jo Milgrew Avatar
    Jo Milgrew

    I have never considered the question “What stresses me out about making money?”. Self-employment means money stress as income goes up and down for me, but I hadn’t thought of making money being a stressor in its own right. Reading that has been a bit of a relief. Of course, making money is stressful and that is not all negative. Thanks for helping me focus.

  4. Lisa Avatar

    Oh – I just love this: I believe that I can have a career and life I love, filled with passion and purpose.
    Yes – agreed- thank you so much for your insights and taking us along on the journey!

  5. Rebecca Avatar

    This list is so great! I love that it reframes our relationship with income-producing and finances in such a positive way. Questions like this are almost “inspiring,” instead of defeating like many of the thoughts people have around money. Great post (and worksheet)!

  6. Tish Lee Avatar
    Tish Lee

    Recently, I sat down and got really real about my finances and my debt (bit different than what you’re talking about in this post but still relates to my situation a bit). Writing things down and seeing it written was eye-opening, to say the least! Your worksheet came at the perfect time because I can use it in conjunction with what I’ve already written down and journaled about! Thanks for this post – loved it!

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