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These Containers Will Keep Lunch Warm

Do you know how they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? According to my high schooler, lunch is a much more serious event. She loves a hearty midday meal, so I’ve researched how to keep lunch warm so she can have all the energy she needs to make it through the school day and after-school activities

What I’ve learned is that a well-insulated lunch box can be a game-changer for kids and for parents. Lunch that is tasty hours after it’s made is the difference between a kid eating everything in their lunch box, or bringing home old, gross food that just gets wasted. Groceries are too expensive for all of that!

Here’s what I looked for when I was ranking containers to keep lunch warm:

1. Will this container keep meals warm until lunchtime?

When it comes to keeping lunches warm, insulation is so important. Look for lunch boxes with high-quality insulation materials. You want your containers to have vacuum-sealed tops, double or triple-wall insulation, and a material like stainless steel that holds heat well.

2. How much food will this container hold?

I wasn’t just thinking about how much food the container could hold because of my student athlete’s appetite. A lunch box that’s too big might let heat dissipate, and one that’s too small won’t fit everything she wants to pack. Most of the best containers I found were in the small to mid-size range.

3. Is this container easy to clean?

As much as I try to be organized, sometimes the mornings get away from us. To limit the amount of chaos we have to deal with, easy-to-clean lunch containers come in handy, especially when a kid accidentally leaves a dirty container in their backpack overnight.  

4. Will these containers last for the entire year?

Remember when I said groceries are expensive a few paragraphs ago? Well, in an effort to be able to pay for those groceries, I need to make sure I don’t have to repurchase containers all year long! The containers on this list are durable enough to handle the wear and tear of daily high school use. 

The Best Lunch Boxes To Keep Lunches Warm

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