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Black History Books for Kids 2023

Are you looking for some great Black history books for kids?

There are so many amazing Black history books that I put together a diverse list for all ages.

Books are the easiest way to learn more about the people who helped build this county. 

Of course, you want to talk to your kids about Black history (and I created a script for you).

Reading together is a great way to spark conversations, too, though.

I know that y’all don’t need to be reminded, but in the off chance that someone does, don’t forget that you don’t have to wait until Black history month to read books by African-American authors and about Black history. 

However, I will say, it’s the perfect time to start because there are so many more resources in February. 

How to find Black history books for kids

Believe it or not, there are a couple of mistakes you can make when you’re picking out Black history books for kids. 

The first mistake I see folks make is choosing books that are too mature for them.

Why do parents do that? I’ll tell you why—because the books are just so darn good!

How many times have you seen a book with gorgeous brown-skinned characters that you just had to pick up?

I know. Me, too. 

But, for the sake of our children, here are some things to keep in mind when deciding which book is the right book for your kid:

  • The book is written for your child’s age and/or grade level.
  • Information presented in the book is accurate. 
  • The book’s topic is something your child is interested in. For example, if they’re into astronauts, get a book about Mae Jemison or Guion Bluford.

Visit Black History Spark

Visit for fun and relaxing Black history themed word search and activity books. 

They’re a self-directed way kids can learn about Black history.

Click to get free coloring pages featuring 4 Black heroes

Click to get free Black history word search for kids

Black history coloring pages

Check out these great Black history books for kids

Black History Books for Kids

Want to teach your kids about Black history? Here are some fantastic books to get you started!

Selecting age-appropriate books is important

Another thing to keep in mind is how important it is to introduce your kids to Black history with books that are age appropriate. 

If there are themes or language that is more mature than they’re ready for, you’ll be doing them a great disservice.

And that’s for kids of all races and nationalities. 

If you have a middle-schooler, head over to pick up these free Black history printables that I created!

Most of these books are available in the library. 

If you’d like to own them for yourself, consider signing up for a free trial Prime membership at Amazon to have them delivered for free in 2 days.

Also, Kindle Unlimited often has Black history books available.

I love the service. It’s less than $10/month and I can read a huge selection of books.

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