Black History Books for Preschoolers

books about Black history for preschoolers

Black history books for preschoolers
If you’re looking for Black history books for preschoolers, I have good news.

There are SO MANY awesome books out there!

It might seem challenging to teach little kids about Black history, but trust me, it really isn’t. 

Children are sponges.

They are curious and eager to learn new things. 

Taking the time to read books that will help them to know more about the contributions African-Americans made in this country will be beneficial as they grow, too.

If the preschoolers are Black, they’ll feel a sense of pride about their heritage and know more about where they come from.

Preschoolers who aren’t Black will have seeds of appreciation planted for Black folks, and it’ll just be good for all of us.

Keep in mind that these books are great for teaching preschoolers about Black history any time of the year, not just in February!

There’s a difference between Black history and Black culture appreciation

One thing I want to point out is the fact that there is a big difference between Black history and culture appreciation.

Both are important, but it is so critical that we educate our children on the past.

And, listen. I get it.

There are many hard discussions about Black history in America to be had. But not with preschoolers.

Consider lots of biographies, narratives of important Black history moments, and age appropriate resource / fact books.

Black history books for Preschoolers

Black History Books for Preschoolers

Teach your little scholar all about the contributions of African-Americans with these books about Black history for preschoolers.

Make sure to get books that are age appropriate

These books are just a start. 

I’ve enjoyed all of these books with my children and/or back in the day with my students when I was an educator. 

It’s so important when you’re introducing new information to preschoolers, especially information that is as deep and impactful as Black history in America, that you do it in a way that’s age appropriate for the individual kids.

There are some Black history (and other) books that I have stored because my daughter grew out of them and they’re too mature for my preschooler. 

If you have a middle-schooler, check out these free Black history printables that I created! Want a Physical copy? Get it for less than six bucks on Amazon! Click to purchase.

Oh, and finally—don’t feel like you have to go out and purchase these books. Many of them are available at the library.

If you would like to own them for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial Prime membership at Amazon to have them delivered for free in 2 days.

Also, Kindle Unlimited often has Black history books available. I love the service. It’s less than $10/month and I can read a huge selection of books. Try out this free trial of Kindle Unlimited

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