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It’s Okay To Feel Gross When You’re Pregnant

feel gross when you're pregnant

Pregnant and don’t feel awesome? It’s okay to feel gross when you’re pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about body positivity, and for some folks they feel lovely when they’re pregnant.

Not me. I felt gross.

As soon as someone discovers that I’m pregnant, they turn into pregnancy experts.

For all of the observations and advice I received from well meaning parenting “experts” (“Eat lots of spicy food so your baby will have a developed palate!”), not many people ever wanted to tell me the real deal about pregnancy.

It’s been a few years since the last time I went through all of this, but I never forgot any of it.

I’m remembering, and going through the discomfort, the weird stuff, and the good stuff.

Here’s what no one ever told me about my body during pregnancy.

1. Bigger boobs

First, no one ever told me that I should relish my bigger boobs during my pregnancy.

During my first pregnancy, I was super excited to have cleavage for the first time in my life!

I was shocked when, after my daughter was born and I stopped nursing her, they went back down to where they were before…and got even smaller!

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about that?

I would have taken more pictures showing them off!

Well, now I know better, so this pregnancy, I’m definitely documenting the growth. And now you  know so you can do the same, too.

2. Stomach issues

The next thing that I wish someone would have shared about pregnancy is that my body would go through a few gross episodes. From heartburn, to gas and constipation, the process of making a baby can get downright yucky sometimes.

I went through a few months of feeling embarrassed and ashamed the first go round because I thought these things were abnormal.

This time, I just say, “Excuse me” and keep it moving. I’m growing a human, you have to give me a break!

feel gross when you're pregnant

3. Vaginal discharge

Finally, I really, really wish someone would have warned me about pregnancy discharge.

You know the type of discharge I’m talking about. Yeah, the vaginal kind.

I mean, UGH! I went to the doctor because I thought I was smelling something odd, and she assured me it was just because my sense of smell is heightened in my delicate state.

The discharge, though? Oh, that’s real. It’s normal, and every pregnant woman has it.

There’s not much you can do about it, either, Mama, except to protect your panties.

feel gross when you're pregnant

Regardless of all of this, remember, your body is doing very important work. 

There’s no need to be embarrassed about the discomfort you have to deal with.

You are making a human! And it’ll all pass.

Of course, there will be other gross stuff to deal with once the baby gets here, but it’s totally worth it.