Books About Christmas for Preschoolers

There are a ton of books about Christmas for preschoolers, and I think I know why.

Name something more adorable than a preschooler at Christmas time. 

Other than babies (and maybe dogs wearing Santa costumes), I’m sure you can’t.

That’s why I believe authors love writing holiday stories that they know will put a smile on a kiddo’s face.

I mean, come on! Watching little preschool faces light up at all of the holiday cheer is the best part of the season!

25 Christmas books for Preschoolers

Whether you have babies, preschoolers, or older children, these books about Christmas for preschoolers will definitely put you in a holiday mood.

Our family owns several of them, and we hit up the library for the ones that we don’t have.

This list encompasses a lot of the various themes that are prominent and important about Christmas.

There are books featuring a diverse cast of characters, some that are faith-focused, and others that are just silly and fun.

Books About Christmas for Preschoolers

Christmas and preschoolers go together like peanut butter and jelly! It's so fun to watch them engage in the holidays. These books will give you the gift of their wonder!

5 responses to “Books About Christmas for Preschoolers”

  1. MavenMantrap Avatar

    Ummm…love this AND these book! I will have to pick these up for my niece!

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Oh, @MavenMantrap:disqus, you should! I’m going to head to the library for the ones that we don’t have!

  2. Brandi Riley Avatar
    Brandi Riley

    Thanks, Margaret! Full of fun lists, for sure!

  3. Brandi Riley Avatar
    Brandi Riley

    I have not read either of those, but I ADORE Pearl S. Buck, so I'll have to check that out!

  4. MommyTesters Avatar

    I love this list! Some that I know, lots that I don’t. SUCH a great list. Heading to Amazon!

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