18 Health Tips for Work At Home Moms

18 Health Tips for Work At Home Moms

This summer will be my 2 year anniversary of becoming a Work At Home Mom (WAHM). I love being able to make a living from the comfort of my couch. Or deck. Or favorite coffee shop. It's definitely a blessing to have the flexibility of continuing to advance my career while being able to watch my … [Continue]

Little Remedies for Entertaining Your Sick Child

Little Remedies

Since moving to California almost two years ago, we've been very blessed that Ayva has only fallen ill once. It stinks to see my baby sick! Instead of singing at the top of her lungs, jumping off of things, and being a generally busy in the way that only preschoolers can be, she was laying in the … [Continue]

Put Me In The Story! – Super Sweet Personalized Books

Put Me In The Story

Growing up, one of the most special gifts I received was a personalized storybook that included my name as one of the character's. Like most kids, my name was one of the first words I could read and spell, and I was incredibly excited to be able to identify it in a real book! Ayva loves stories just … [Continue]

Always Connected So We Can #CatchItAll With @BestBuy

#CatchItAll Best Buy

You all know that I don't have a big immediate family. There's just three of us. Two adults, one child. We live in a cozy apartment with two bedrooms. It's a simple life, not filled with a lot of stuff. Well...except for one thing. Between the three of us, there's 2 HDTVs, 4 laptops, 3 tablets, 1 … [Continue]

Making A Diaroma With A Preschooler

Make A Diaroma With Your Preschooler

In a few months, life as we know it in the Riley Family will change forever as Ayva starts kindergarten. I'm having a really hard time believing it, because, wasn't it just 4 days ago that I brought her home from the hospital for the first time? I mean, come on life. Slow down, why don't you! When … [Continue]

Our Fun #DisneySide Ice Cream Social!

#DisneySide Ice Cream Social

One of my favorite things about living in California is spending time with our friends from church. With Ayva being an only child, it's always nice to fellowship with the other families so she can hang out with other children while Terrence and I can fellowship with the parents. My in-laws are the … [Continue]

Ditch The Big Words: 3 Tips For Writing Your Real Life Story

Tips for Writing Your Real Life Story

Use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because writing your life story in someone else's words would be totally weird.  I have something to say that will make some folks angry. It's part of my story, though, so I'll stick to it. The older I get, the less enchanted I am with fancy adjectives and … [Continue]

Growing Up Mama #NakedMoms

Mama Knows It All

At the beginning of my motherhood journey, I was a tad bit tentative. I was already dealing with some "about to be 30 and single" growing pains before I had Ayva. After she was born, there was a period of self-doubt, guilt and shame, that had it gone without being handled, could have greatly … [Continue]

We’re Not Going To #BanBossy


There's a new girl power initiative spreading across the internet that's backed by some of the world's biggest bosses. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In has spearheaded the #BanBossy movement to stop girls from being branded as bossy, and to encourage them to become leaders. Now … [Continue]

Black Girls Are Magic #BlackGirlMagic

Black Girls Are Magic

Earlier this week, Ayva told me she wished she had "gold hair like Ashley's". Now, being the Soul Sister Mama that I am, I let her know that her hair is beautiful, just like her friend's, with the added benefit of being able to be braided, twisted, curled, straightened, or left alone to be gorgeous … [Continue]