Take A Better Social Media Pic In 3 Steps

Learn how to take better social media profile pics! This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OpticSmiles #CollectiveBias

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It’s probably the most important photograph you’ll take in your life. It’s the one that people who don’t know you judge you on and decide whether to like you or not. This photograph could mean the difference between a double tap or a scroll by, lots of hearts or none at all. I’m talking about your social media profile picture. That little photo in a box deserves as much, if not more, thought taken in selecting it as you take on choosing the wedding pictures that make it to your album.

Or I could be exaggerating a bit.

Regardless of my obvious exaggeration, can we just agree that having a great social media avatar is something we should all strive for? We’re living in a time when many people have close friends that they only see or communicate with on the internet. Instead of sitting next to coworkers in a cubicle, we’re chatting with them on Google Chat or Facebook Messenger all day. What’s the image you want in their heads as they’re communicating electronically? Do you want them to associate your name with an inanimate object or a cartoon character, or when they think of you, do you want them to think, “Vibrant, Brilliant, Sexy Hot Mama”? Me? I’ll take vibrant, brilliant, sexy hot mama ANY DAY of the week! Ha! Even if that’s not your goal there are 3 things that you can do to make sure your social media profile pic has whatever the effect is that that you’re going for.

1. Get close up. 

Since a profile pic is so small, a full length picture doesn’t really do you any justice. Instead of trying to show off your entire body, focus on your lovely, amazing face. Let your friends really get a chance to see you.

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2. Show your personality.

Whether you’re silly or serious, let your profile picture give people who don’t know you a glimpse into your personality. Every once in awhile switch out your goofy pictures with a glamour shot one, or swap your staged shot with a random capture to keep it interesting, just like you!

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