What To Do When Your Husband Is Fine

What To Do When Your Husband Is Fine

My husband and I met at a conference in 2010. I was in the lobby on my computer with an attitude and looking a hot mess when he walked up to me and asked me to keep an eye on his bag. I should have said no. I mean, seriously, this guy was a stranger and wasn’t there a movie one time where a girl was put in jail in a foreign country because somebody asked her to watch their bag and there were drugs in it or something? Yeah. I probably should have said no. I said yes, though and you know why? Because he was fine.

Yes, honey! That stranger, who is now my husband, was so fine that I was willing to put my freedom on the line for him! Over the years, as my love has grown, so has my attraction towards him. I’m just a lucky girl to be able to spend all of my time with this handsome, sexy, sensitive, sweet guy. He’s just so masculine, y’all, and he has such a great smile. Mmm, mmm, mmm, he’s lucky he’s at work right now…

Anyway, as fun as it is to have a fine husband, there are some challenges that come with it. If you have an extraordinarily good looking husband, too, you’ll want to check out these ideas of how to get through life when your husband is fine.

What To Do When Your Husband Is Fine

What To Do When Your Husband Is Fine

1. Recognize that other women can see his fineness, too.

It’s ridiculous to think that no other woman is going to find your man attractive. You KNOW your man is fine, so expect that other women will know it, too. Instead of getting angry, be flattered, and thank her…from the both of you. Shade, darling. You’ll need to learn ALL about it when your man is fine.

2. Perfect your side eye.

Speaking of shade, the side eye goes hand in hand with it. You’ll find that the perfect side eye will thwart any unwanted attention from overly friendly admirers, as well as serve as a gentle reminder to your husband that flattered is okay, but don’t be foolish.

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3. Document the fine.

Take lots of pictures of your husband, Ladies. It doesn’t matter if he’s eating or trying to relax, if your man is fine, you need to get as many pictures of him as possible. Don’t worry if he gets annoyed. It’s not really directed at you. He’s just mad at his parents for making him look so good.

4. Acknowledge his good looks.

It can be the elephant in the room sometimes, your husband’s good looks, I know. Everyone (or maybe just you) sees that he is clearly the most handsome guy EVER with that tee-shirt/suit/athletic jersey on. Don’t take for granted that anyone has already TOLD him how good he looks, though. Besides, you’re his wife. Compliments have double impact when it comes from you!

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5. Remember that you’re fine, too.

Sure your man is handsome, but don’t forget that you look good, too. You know what they say, “Birds of a feather flock together”. Keep that in mind if you ever start to feel self doubt and wonder why someone like him would want to be with someone like you. You got it going on, girlfriend, and clearly, your husband is not only fine, but smart enough to recognize how amazing you are and put a ring on it!