Unconditional Daddy

Ayva and Terrence

Have you ever thought about the impact something like a Daddy / Daughter Dance has on a little girl?  It’s a night where you dress up nice, your dad gives you flowers, and treats you like a princess in front of all of your friends. Terrence totally understands why it’s important. Honestly, he wasn’t sold on the idea last year before they went for the first time. Ayva’s m.o. whenever he takes her anywhere is to stick close to his side, but leave him the minute one of her friends comes around. It could seem like she doesn’t really care if she’s around or not, but that couldn’t be any further than the truth.

Ayva knows that her daddy loves her regardless. She has faith in him as a father. She trusts that Terrence will always be there for her, so she doesn’t have to work for his love. Now, there are times that I remind her that she’s blessed to have a father who cares for her so much, and talk to her about making sure that he feels loved and cared for, too. She’s only six, so she still hasn’t totally grasped the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around her. She’s learning. From daily notes and pictures with “I love you, Daddy” and her latest one, “Dream Big, Daddy”, Ayva is beginning to recognize the blessing having an engaged and present father in her life.

A few days ago, Terrence and Ayva went to their second Daddy Daughter Dance. Ayva got a new dress and hairstyle, and Terrence changed his sweater a couple of times. They posed for pictures together before they left and got annoyed at me as I asked for “just one more”. As they walked to the car together, hand in hand, my heart nearly exploded out of my chest. To me, watching them together was more than just a dad and his daughter going to a dance. I saw foundation building as I looked at them, seeds for Ayva’s self-worth being planted, and a little girl growing up knowing that she is loved unconditionally.

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