The Best Spring Dresses For Your Princess

I’m sharing the most adorable spring dresses thanks to a partnership with Pink Princess!

spring dresses

I absolutely hit the princess jackpot with Ayva. She loves all things glitter and sparkles, and the girl LIVES for a dress that twirls! Ayva looks for any opportunity to get dressed up, and if I tell her we’re going to a party, she’s pulling out a party dress. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bowling party, or a picnic. All she needs to know is that folks are gathering, and she’s pulling out her prettiest frock! As the end of the school year gets closer, it seems like there’s a party every week, and at this point, Ayva is running out of things to wear! We checked out Pink Princess for a few ideas on cute styles that Ayva could shine in.

pink princess dot com

Pink Princess has a huge variety of bright, colorful, gorgeous spring dresses. They have everything from formal dresses to simple sweet dresses, and everything in between. The prices are affordable, and I imagine that every little girl (and her mother!) will be able to find a dress to fall in love with on the site. The thing that I love most about Pink Princess is that all of the dresses are designed for girls. You won’t find any dresses that look like shrunken adult fashion on the site at all. Here are some of our favorites:

Mint Peplum Dress With A Bow

Polka dots and peplum? You can’t get any cuter than that! Oh, but they did. There’s a bow. Y’all…there’s a BOW! This dress is definitely on the top of our list!

pink princess dress mint

Lilac Floral Embroidered Organza w/ Poly Silk Trims

The sweet little flowers on this dress made Ayva gasp! This dress has a touch of Southern charm and reminds me of my hometown of Durham, North Carolina. Ayva would be the bell of the ball in this dress!

pink princess dress


Coral Yoryu Chiffon Double V-Neck Dress

There’s only one thing I love more than mint, and it’s coral. The flower on the sash of this lovely dress is removable, but who’d want to remove it? I mean, it’s a huge coral flower! LOVE!

pink princess coral dress

Which of these dresses would you choose? We’ll probably end up getting them all at some point, and then going back to Pink Princess to get more. Why not? Our princesses are only little once!

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  1. Amiyrah Avatar

    Ayva is my kind of girl! I’d love to get that peplum dress for my little princess. It’s adorable!

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