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Summer Dance Camp Essentials For Girls #TargetColors

Fact: Shiny pants help you dance better.

We are officially in summer mode in Casa de Riley, so you know what that means…time to go shopping! No, really, this time we really need to. Ayva is heading to dance camp next week, so we need to make sure the girl has everything she needs. Heading to Target for gear for dance camp might seem a little crazy (don’t folks need to go to dance stores for that???), but you’d be surprised at what you can find for your little dancer there.

If your daughter is going to dance camp this summer, make sure you check out the selection of dance attire in (what we call) “the big girl’s department”. There’s a great selection of leotards, dance tanks, swingy tops, and shorts at really good prices. You can also pick up a pair of ballet slippers or tap shoes while you’re there. Of course, since it’s Target, make sure you stop in the market section and pick up ingredients for protein rich smoothie. Your prima ballerina is going to need it after all of that dancing!

Shiny Pants Set

Turn Up The Beat Swingy Tee Shirt by C9 Champion: $9.99

Danz N Motion® by Danshuz® Girls’ Activewear Shorts Turquoise: $16.50

Fact: Nothing is cuter than a little girl in a tutu.

Little Girl In Tutu Set

Danz N Motion® by Danshuz® Girls’ Tutu – Lavender: $14.95

Toddler Girls’ Danshuz® Student Ballet – Pink: $15.99

Freestyle® by Danskin® Girls’ Leotard: $12.95-

Fact: Anyone can be a start if they work hard.

She’s A Star Set:

Freestyle® by Danskin® Girls’ Activewear Short – Assorted: $12.99

Danz N Motion® by Danshuz® Girls’ Leotard – Lt Blue: $13.95

Freestyle® by Danskin® Girls’ Leotard: $12.95

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Tuesday 17th of June 2014

So true about the shiny shorts! LOL!! Too cute. My daughter loves to dance and just perform as well. And our Target has a dance section to get everything you need.

Mandi Buckner

Sunday 15th of June 2014

I need to swing by Target my little dancer will be back soon and I need to get her ready for dance class to resume in the fall. And it IS a fact that shiny pants help you dance better!

Notorious Spinks

Sunday 15th of June 2014

Those shiny pants though. Send me a pic with her dancing in those because they are too cute! Love it!