Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program

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Last summer, Terrence and I were determined to teach Ayva how to read. We purchased a bunch of books and other materials aimed to help children become better readers, and I scheduled time every day for us to work on her literacy skills. Ayva made it crystal clear that she was not having it. I was honestly concerned because she was going into kindergarten, and although she loved being read to, she didn’t seem to be interested in reading for herself. More than 47% of American students are below reading level, and I know from my teaching experience that once a child gets behind, it’s hard for them to catch up. I didn’t need to be worried, though. Once school started, thanks to her energetic teachers, she became voracious in wanting to know all the words, and in just a few weeks, we had us a reader!

Our job at home now is to make sure we’re reinforcing everything Ayva’s amazing teachers do with her in school. We’re always on the lookout for fantastic tools and resources to help us do that, and I was really pleased to have the chance to check out Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program. Age-appropriate for children ages 3 – 7 at various reading levels, as well as entertaining, the digital literacy program has been a fun way to support Ayva’s love of learning to read and helping to develop her core literacy skills.

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Set in Lingo Land, children are led through the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program by the adorable Lingos who give instructions and celebrate all of your child’s reading successes as they’re going through the program. Ayva has been trying the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program for about a month, and loves all of the pomp and circumstance that comes when she answers a question correctly (which is pretty much all of time!). From the first day she started the program, she was determined to finish all of the levels and earn the prize, a key that opens a locked door of a room filled with toys. It’s been fun to watch her engage with the program, and I’ve been impressed with challenging activities in the program.

rosetta stone kids reading program

Would you like to give the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program a try? Sign up for a free trial of the first level now at Rosetta Stone.