Taking Care of Your Postpartum Body

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There’s something about birthing babies that should make a woman feel pretty indestructible. The fact that our bodies are able to form and give life to an entire human being is nothing short of amazing. Whether you had a natural birth, or a c-section like I did, your body deserves to be celebrated.

Why is it then, that many of us not only don’t celebrate our bodies, but we don’t take care of them after we have a baby, either? If I had a dollar for the number of times I forgot to eat lunch, or left my water bottle at home, I’d be a millionaire! It was getting so bad that I knew something had to change. I was basically surviving on fumes, and that wasn’t doing me, or my little boy, any good.

I’m a nursing mama, so it’s important that I take care of myself for my own sake, but also for my baby. Knowing that my son’s health depends on me has been enough to motivate me to get my postpartum life together. I know that there is so much going on after you have a baby that managing your health can get bumped down to the bottom of the list. There are some easy things that you can do to take care of your postpartum body that will leave you with plenty of time for snuggles with your baby.

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Drink lots of water.
If you don’t do anything else to take care of your health, at least drink water. Dehydration is the cause of so many ailments, and it can even lead to low milk supply if you’re nursing. After I had my son, I was on a short soda kick because I missed it so much while I was pregnant. The headaches I got from drinking soda instead of water was enough to get me back on the H20 wagon.

Continue to take prenatal vitamins.
Don’t stop taking your prenatal vitamins just because the baby is here. If you breastfeed your baby, you’re still sharing nutrients with him. Just like when they’re in the womb, babies are little vampires. They will take everything from you. CVS Health Prenatal Vitamins will help to replenish the nutrients that you’re losing.

Take a probiotic daily.
Having a good digestive system is imperative when you’re a mom of a baby. We just don’t have time to be sitting in the bathroom on the toilet for hours dealing with stomach issues! Taking CVS Health Probiotic Acidophilus Tablets will help keep your gut healthy and support overall wellness.

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SLEEP (or at least rest).
I know it’s easier said than done, but you have to get rest. Maybe you can’t sleep when the baby naps in the morning, but you can sit down and put your feet up and read or watch a television show. Not only will lack of sleep affect your body, but it can also negatively impact your ability to care for your little one. You don’t have to be super woman, mama. The dishes can wait. If you find yourself really fading, pump so your partner can feed the baby, and try CVS Health Melatonin Gummies.

Plan out your meals and snacks.
Folks always tell postpartum mamas to eat, but they don’t always understand that it’s not that easy. Trying to decide what’s for dinner has been my breaking point more than once since having my son. Then I got smart, and wrote down a list of dinners to choose from and assigned days to them. That’s right. I started planning out my meals! Determining what you’re going to eat and when leads to a better chance of you actually eating!

Get moving.
You don’t have to go to the gym, or take a long walk, but you should move every single day. Some days I’ll take my son to the grocery story and push him around. Other times I’ll turn on music and dance while I’m holding him. Doing something physical intentionally does a lot for the postpartum body and psyche!

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