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Piggy Box Helps Kids Learn About Money

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A few weeks ago, I found a torn up dollar bill in the bottom of the trash can. When I asked Ayva about it, she said that it was ripped so she thought it needed to be thrown away. It was then that I realized I had been slacking on my job to teach her about money. She’s 7 years old, and everything is always taken care for her financially. Of course still has time to become financially savvy, but by delaying the education, there’s a chance that I could be setting her up for failure in the future. Besides, homegirl does not come from a family where we can afford to throw money in the trash! Shoot. We don’t play that! Thankfully, I had just partnered with The Piggy Box, and I really couldn’t believe the perfect timing.

About The Piggy Box

The Piggy Box is a money saving and organizing system that allows kids to keep track of their money. When I asked Ayva how the dollar she threw in the trash got ripped, she says that it tore as she was trying to pull it out of her piggy bank. The Piggy Box puts an end to that because you put bills in drawers rather than stuffing them inside of a closed container.

There are 3 sections in The Piggy Box: Save, Give, and Spend. Because your child can see the money that they’re saving, it makes it feel more real and relevant to them. It’s so helpful for having conversations about good financial practices, and teaching the value of a dollar. Oh, and it also comes with free money tracking app for a full circle financial experience!

Want to get The Piggy Box for your family? It’s only $29.99, and Mama Knows It All readers can get an additional 20% off with the code: MAMAKNOWS20 Check out The Piggy Box on their site or on Facebook!

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Check out this video to get a closer look and some other ideas for teaching your child about money!

Thank you to The Piggy Box for sponsoring this post!


Monday 1st of August 2016

Wonderful blog! I am the mom of 2 sons, both veterans, that I brought up on my own after divorcing their abusive father when I was 21 yrs old & dumb as a rock BUT I kept them in church, set high standards & then thought I was going to die with they BOTH deployed one day apart in 2005. Little did I know that my self-inflicted pain was only the beginning. We are now a "blue star family" × 4 & nothing/no one could have prepared me for this "new normal". Keep up the good work - teaching & molding our children early in life is the key to well rounded adults - even when I often say "WHO ARE THESE IDIOTS?" LOL!