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Learn more about the special Momville events at Walmart in this sponsored post!

There used to be a time that I would walk into a store and purchase things based solely on the price. I didn’t have a lot of brand loyalty, and since shopping wasn’t my thing I didn’t do a ton of research. 

Once I became a mom, all of that changed. Like any other mom, I only wanted the best for my babies, and I discovered that not all brands or products are created equally. 

The cool thing about this discovery is that it actually made my life a lot easier! Instead of wasting money and taking my chances on inferior products, I learned that buying the best always ended up saving me time and money in the long run.

And you know as a mom, I need all of the time and money I can get! 

Now that I’ve been a parent for over a decade, I still keep an eye out for brands that I can trust and raise my kids with. The internet is a huge help, of course, when I’m doing research but nothing beats getting to see and experience the products up close and personal to see if it really does all that it’s supposed to do. 

Momville Events at Walmart 

I’m excited to share a great event coming up at Walmart stores all over the country. Momville  are in-store events on Saturdays and Sundays during the first couple of weeks in November that will give you a chance to get samples and learn more about the best brands for moms.

I’m not just saying that, either. The brands that you’ll see featured are Women’s Choice Awards favorites!

WHEN: Saturday and Sundays

November 2 and 3

November 9 and 10

WHAT: Free samples and special deals from the Women’s Choice Awards brands, mom hacks, and more!

WHERE: Walmart stores. Check here to find a Momville event near you. 

WHO: Some of the brands you’ll see at the Walmart Momville events are Huggies Special Delivery, Baby Magic, Earth’s Best Organic, Belli Skincare, and more! Download a special booklet with all of the featured brands on the Momville website

I’m looking forward to taking my little guy to our local Momville event. Even as a long-time mama, I’m always open to learning about the best products to make sure my kiddos are taken care of, and looking and feeling their best!