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Moms, Questions, And The Affordable Care Act

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I was 26 years old the first time I signed up for my own insurance plan. As a long time freelancer, I had spent the majority of my twenties either on my parents’ plan, or simply just uninsured. When I finally decided to get a full-time position with salary plus benefits, I was completely confused by all of the options. HMO, PPO…I had no idea what it all meant! Fortunately, a savvy colleague who was making a lot more money than me gave me some advice, and I proceeded to purchase the most expensive plan available. It was a year before I realized I was both overinsured and overpaying.

That was many years ago, and since then I’d become pretty well versed in health insurance. As a mom, I had to be. I wasn’t that twenty-something-year-old girl anymore, and being uninformed just wasn’t an option. Now, however, I’m starting back at square one. I recently left my job to start a business, and I need to find a more cost efficient, long-term solution than the COBRA continuation coverage that’s been offered to me. Thankfully, open enrollment for Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance (“ObamaCare”) opens up on November 15th through February 15th, and I’ll be able to select a plan that works for my health needs and budget.

Have Affordable Care Act Questions?

I’m sure many of you have questions about the Affordable Care Act and insurance coverage, too. Well, I’m teaming up with insurance experts from to answer all of your questions in a live webcast. “Obamacare 2015: An Insider’s Guide to Making the Affordable Care Act Work for You”,  is scheduled for November 12 at 11:00AM PT /2:00PM ET. We’ll address changes to the Affordable Care Act for 2015 and answer questions faced by health insurance shoppers during the upcoming open enrollment season. Have some questions that can’t wait until then? Check out’s Subsidy Help Center for support.


The folks at will clear up some miconceptions about the Affordable Care Act (no, it’s not just for poor people), share some information that you may not have known (you are free to purchase from just about any carrier that you’d like), and make sure you’re able to make an informed decision about your insurance purchase.

What are your Affordable Care Act questions? Share them below, or email them to me at [email protected], and we’ll get them answered during the webcast!

Jason K

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

I don't understand why anyone at all would want this. I tried to sign up. $500/month for me and my girlfriend is not affordable. It says I don't qualify for any savings. And then doctor visits are like $50. My visits now are only $60. So if I pay $500/month I can save $10 going to the doctor? I've never had insurance but unless you are deathly ill and going everyday, I can't understand why anyone would want anything like this.

Frances Stanfield

Monday 10th of November 2014

The very unfortunate thing with the Affordable Care Act in GA is that we are a republican state and our governor did not expand medicare so many Georgians are still without healthcare despite the ACA. The other unfortunate thing is that we voted that same governor in AAAAGIN so i'm 95% sure that medicare will not be expanded under his leadership since he was against the ACA to begin with and refuses to allow the expansion. Because of this my daughter who is having a tough time finding a full-time job has gone uninsured since she does not meet the min. $15k salary to qualify. All that said, I love my president and the fact that we have the ACA in place for those that can quality. It's a step forward and it's what we needed. I thank God for it.

Saidah Washington

Wednesday 5th of November 2014

I went without insurance for years when I first became self employed. Everything was so expensive and confusing. Now, there are so many easy to understand resources available that help make the choice easier.

Val B

Wednesday 5th of November 2014

Good info and we are gearing up for open enrollment over here too.


Wednesday 5th of November 2014

I went without health insurance for years when I worked as a television producer fresh out of college. Back then, I thought I was invincible! Now, I am scrambling for a plan that is high-quality & affordable. I work at a small nonprofit, so we aren't taking out a group plan rather each obtaining individual plans. Gearing up for open enrollment. A little nervous since there is soooo much information out there!