The Littlest Pet Shop is BIG Fun

This post was sponsored on behalf of Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop. All opinions stated are my own.

Being a girl mom is fantastic for a lot of reasons, but one of my favorite things about is watching Ayva play with her toys. She is so creative and clever with the voices that she uses, and the stories that she makes up, using action figures, dolls, or stuffed animals as the main characters. She has been a fan of the Littlest Pet Shop for awhile, and is the queen of characterization of these cute little pets!

She was able to increase her drama factor recently with the addition of the Littlest Pet Shop Pet Shop Playset and Littlest Pet Shop Pawristas Cafè Playset into her collection. Pets drinking coffee and eating donuts, or playing on a see-saw? Oh, Ayva is in pretend play heaven! Both of these fun playsets have kept her occupied for hours at a time.

Before you get started, the instructions say that adult assembly is required, and that’s very true. You won’t need any tools, but putting the playsets together does require a little bit of strength and dexterity that even a 7-year-old may not have. Ayva was able to put the Pawristas Café Playset together on her own, but I needed to help her with the Pet Shop. It didn’t take us very long (about 15 minutes), but just be aware of that when you purchase.

The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Shop Playset

The Littlest Pet Shop Pet Shop Playset comes with everything you’d expect to see in a pet shop and more. There are tons of fun activities for the pets to engage in, and allow your little one to create a lot of active scenarios for her littlest pets. I really like that if we have a friend over, the Pet Shop Playset is big enough for two children to engage with. There is something going on every way you turn the shop, and even on top!



The Pawristas Café Playset

The Pawristas Café Playset is just adorable. I mean, cats drinking coffee? How cute is that? Ayva really took to this playset, and her littlest pets did everything from having a meeting about a new business, to starting a secret club that meets at the café daily. The opportunity for creative play with these playsets is just wonderful!

Both playsets come with Littlest Pet Shop Pets, and tons of accessories, but the café accessories were especially impressive to me. From the cash register to the little croissant and donut, they really did think of everything. My little storyteller was so happy to have props to help drive her stories, and believe me…every accessory has a purpose when you’re dealing with a creative kid! Makes sure you check out the Littlest Pet Shop’s Instagram for more ideas on having fun with your littlest pets!