Life Is Tough. So Are You. #ToughIs

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Life Is Tough. So Are You.

The women in my family are incredibly strong. From my great grandmothers down to my cousins, sister and me, we’re not the type of ladies that just sit back and let life happen around us. We’re outspoken and opinionated, loving, and believe in truth and justice. Every single one of us has been through challenges that might have broken some folks. Losing loved ones, health issues, and other personal problems have attempted to knock us down, but we’re tough. We get up, brush ourselves off, and keep going.

I am blessed to know so many women and girls who are like this. Last year, my friend Janeane and her young twin daughters were involved in a hit and run accident. One of her little girls was in the hospital for weeks with severe injuries. Throughout the whole terrible ordeal, Janeane stayed strong for her family. Although she was scared, she stayed hopeful and was there for her baby girl the entire time.  In the process, Janeane inspired so many people even through her devastation. Not only that, but her daughter, the 6-year-old who was knocked unconscious by a speeding truck, fully recovered, and is more brave and fearless than ever.

tough to the core

That’s what tough is to me. It means knowing that there are going to be situations in life that will be stressful, traumatic, and hard. Instead of curling up inside of ourselves and giving up, tough is fighting and refusing to back down. There are strong people all around us. Everyday people who are tough to the core, and we may not even know it. Brawny® wants to know what tough means to you, as well as share the stories of other everyday heroes.

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