Unlocking Expert Level Gift-Giver Status with the Lenovo Flex 4

Intel provided me with the laptop for review and I was compensated to produce this review.

I married into a family of really great gift-givers. Whenever I receive a present from a member of my Riley family, I can count on it to be thoughtful, useful, and something that I want. For the last few years, I’ve been doing my best to match the Riley’s expertise in this area. Regardless of what I give them, they’re always thankful and gracious towards me, but still, I can’t shake that feeling of wanting to knock it out of the park. This year, thanks to the Lenovo Flex 4, I think I’ve finally achieved expert gift-giver status!

About a month ago, my in-laws talked about wanting a new computer. They are both retired, but my mother-in-law still manages all of the administrative tasks for our church office. My father-in-law has never used a computer, but now that he’s in his seventies, wants to learn. They needed a flexible, easy to use machine, that could support the tasks my mother-in-law does for work. The Lenovo Flex 4 does all that and more.


About the Lenovo Flex 4

This 2-in-1 powered by Intel® CoreTM i5 has a 14″ screen, and more power and storage than previous generations with 8 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD storage. The feature that made the biggest impression on my in-laws was the ability to use the Lenovo Flex 4 in four different modes. It can be used as a traditional laptop with the keyboard, adjusted to be utilized as a tablet, just the screen for viewing movies or presentations, or the creative mode with the ability to use the touchscreen to navigate. It’s pretty awesome!




I was impressed that we were able to turn the Lenovo Flex 4 on and start using it really quickly. Set up was easy, and Terrence was able to walk his parents through all of the features in just a few minutes. It didn’t take long at all for them to feel comfortable enough to take the computer on for themselves and start exploring the different things they can do with it.  The Lenovo Flex 4 is not only the perfect starter computer for my father-in-law who hasn’t had any experience with computers, but for my mother-in-law who is extremely proficient and will use it every day.

Now that I’ve reached expert gift giver status, I’m not sure how I’ll top this. I mean, this computer is a pretty sweet present! I’ll keep trying, though. As much as my family does for me, no matter how awesome this machine is, it’s still a drop in the bucket for how much they bless my life.

Save the Date for a #GiftPC Twitter Chat

Are you planning to upgrade the tech in an older family member’s life this year? Learn more about the Lenovo Flex 4 on the Newegg site. I’d also love for you to save the date! I’m a panelist on an Intel holiday giving chat on Tues. Nov. 22 at 8 pm EST with @marc_saltzman on Twitter. Use the hashtags #GiftPC to join in!






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