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Will We See You At Go Girls! Camp?

We’re a couple of months away from summer, but if you’ve been a mom for longer than a minute, you know that when it comes to summer camp, that doesn’t matter. All year long our children toil away at school, and in order to make sure they get to have a super fun summer, you have to start looking for camp options NOW. Even though I worked in summer camps for years, it took me a few instances of filled up camps and missed discount deadlines to realize that I had to get on the ball. Fortunately for me, my daughter has found her forever camp in Go Girls! Camp and it’s likely that we’re set for the rest of our lives.

Go Girls! Camp is a different kind of summer experience for girls. After a rough school year full of rules and guidelines, Go Girls! gives kids an opportunity to be creative leaders. From the collaborative plays the girls create where they each choose their own character, to the costumes that they make (As Ayva told me, “Go Girls! don’t buy costumes, Mommy. We use what we have!”), by the end of each session, girls are left feeling more confident and have a better sense of what makes them special and unique.

As a mom, it can be tough to see my daughter struggling with different challenges over the school year. There always seems to be some type of drama going on, especially now in the 4th grade. The teachers at school do their very best to keep the conflict to a minimum, but their focus isn’t so much on teaching social skills as it is to make sure the kids’ academic needs are met. At Go Girls!, there’s plenty of time to focus on things like building empathy, conflict resolution, and building positive self-esteem. I’ve found it to be the perfect complement to Ayva’s school year experience.

Let’s be clear, though. Regardless of the big words like “empathy” and “compassion”, Go Girls! Camp is fun! The plays that the girls create each session are hilarious (Ayva played a cup of coffee once), and incredibly creative. The Go Girls! Camp songs are catchy and even moms find themselves singing them when they’re by themselves. The girls are learning to be better people while having the time of their lives.

This year, Ayva will be going into Go Girls! Productions where rising 5th graders and up will create their own films. Girls who are this age are so curious about the digital space, and Spotlight Girls provides a safe environment to learn all about it.

Register now for Go Girls! Camp

Go Girls! Camp is now enrolling for Summer 2019 at three different sites in Oakland and Berkeley. For more information on registering head over to the Spotlight Girls site.