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Fun Things For Moms and Daughters To Do

My daughter is in high school now, and trying to find quality time to spend 1:1 is becoming such a challenge.

Fortunately, we have a standing nighttime date to watch an episode or two of The Office before bed, but I know it’s also important to nurture our bond through one-on-one dates.

These dates give us the opportunity to relax, chat, and make special memories together so I’m always looking for fun things for moms and daughters to do.

Sometimes it might be lunch, or we’ll head to a movie together. 

Occasionally I’ll plan something that goes the norm to make our time together extra special.

If you need ideas beyond the usual dinner and a movie to do with your girl, too, here are some fun things for moms and daughters to do.

Mom and Daughter Date Ideas

1. Get creative

Express your artistic side by taking a class at a local art studio.

Whether it’s painting pottery, creating mixed media collages, or bead jewelry making, you’re sure to have fun being creative together.

2. Have a culinary adventure

Cook or bake something out of the ordinary.

Try that challenging recipe you’ve been eyeing.

Figure it out together in the kitchen as you chat, listen to music, and enjoy spending time together.

3. Be active together

Get competitive at an arcade or escape room.

Laser tag or racing go-karts are fun, too.

A little friendly competition will bring tons of laughs!

4. Explore locally

Tour the street art in your city.

Look up murals near you and make a day out of taking photos and admiring the stunning works.

Stop at a local restaurant for a snack while you’re out.

5. Serve together

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

Bond with furry friends as you take dogs on walks, brush cats, or help clean enclosures.

Your hearts will be full.

6. Document a memory

Create a photo shoot.

Get facials, do each other’s hair, and pick out fun accessories.

Then head to a cool location for a DIY photo session.

7. Hang out at the mall

Spend a day at the mall together.

Shop, eat, people watch, and take silly selfies trying things on.

There’s always something to do at the mall.

8. Self-care together

Host an at-home spa day.

Light candles, play relaxing music, do face masks and manicures.

A luxurious day of pampering brings you closer.

9. Look for stuff

Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

Make a list of items to find outside like pinecones or heart-shaped leaves.

You’ll be surprised at how your teen will become child-like with wonder with this fun activity. 

Getting fresh air and moving makes it even more worthwhile.

10. Be still together

Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Getting up early or staying out late to soak in the gorgeous colors makes for a peaceful shared moment.

The key to finding fun things for moms and daughters to do is choosing an activity you’ll both enjoy.

Focus less on the event details and more on the conversations, laughs, and memories you share.