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Flat Booties for Casual But Cute Days

I love to wear flat booties all-year round.

Back in the day, I used to love wearing high heels. 

It could be the middle of the week, I wouldn’t have anywhere important to be, and I’d be walking around with my heels on.

Now that I’m older (and I have a bad back), the very thought of putting on heels makes my feet hurt.

Maybe it’s not quite that bad, but still, I’m not really a high-heel gal anymore.

At one point I had gone to the far end of the shoe spectrum and wore clogs that looked like slippers for months.

I’m past the stage of looking like I just woke up all the time, but I still want to be comfortable. 

That’s why I love my booties!

Why do I need a pair of flat booties?

Every woman needs a pair of flat booties in her life.

They are ridiculously versatile.

Not only are they perfect to wear with jeans on a cold winter day, but you can also rock them with a gauzy dress and cardigan in the spring.

If you’re like me and have a capsule wardrobe, booties are the perfect addition because you can wear them in multiple seasons. 

Cute flat booties to wear year round

Looking for cute flat booties to get you through the winter and spring? You'll be all set with any of these stylish options.