Family Activity: Taste Test Your City

See's Candies 2

Over the next few weeks, Ayva is going to have a lot of days off from school. Next week, she’s out for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas break starts a little while after that. As I’m looking for ways to keep her busy, a cool idea hit me. We can eat our way through the Bay Area! From See’s Candies to Jelly Belly, there are quite a few tasty treats that have their roots right in our backyard.

A couple of months ago, we went to a See’s Candies event in San Francisco. I learned so much about how the company was started by Charles See with recipes from his mother, Mary, and Ayva loved tasting all of the different flavors of chocolate. She couldn’t believe that they were freshly made and delivered each day, and was blown away by the selection.  Since then, I’ve read a book about the chocolate brand, and feel a sense of hometown pride whenever I ride past a See’s store now. There are so many other brands like that around here, and I’m looking forward to checking them out with my little taste tester this holiday season!

You don’t have to live in Oakland to taste test your city, though. Every city has their own food traditions and flavors that you can indulge in. Take your little ones out to taste, then come home and create your own version of whatever it is that you tried! It’s another cool way to engage in the holidays, and create fun family memories.

See's Candies 1

See's Candies 3

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