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Best Swimsuits for Teens 2023

best swimsuits for teens

The key for finding the best swimsuits for teens? Let them tell you what they feel comfortable in.

As a mom, I know what I like when it comes to bathing suits.

I know the exact style, cut, and even color that will make me feel confident and ready to have some fun in the sun. 

That’s why I listen to my daughter when she tells me what kind of suit she wants. 

While I may not feel comfortable in a bikini (I do love a good tankini, though!), my girl has let me know that too much fabric actually holds her back and inhibits her movement.

So she wears a two-piece. It’s that simple. 


What age should you start wearing bikinis

When should your tween or teen be allowed to wear a two-piece? What age should you wear a bikini?

There are a few factors that you might be considering as you try to make this determination.

Maybe you’re looking at your child’s body type, height or weight.

Perhaps you’re thinking that your daughter should be a particular age before she can wear a bikini.

I think it depends on your child and what they feel comfortable with. Be careful not to sexualize your teen, or project any of your insecurities on them.

Swimsuits are basically a uniform for swimming. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Where to buy swimsuits for teens

One of the things that hasn’t changed since I was a teen is that in the summer, girls love to have options when it comes to swimsuits.

Because I know my daughter is still growing, and her style from this year is not likely to be what she’s into next year, we don’t spend a lot on swimsuits. 

Where do I buy affordable swimsuits for my teen? All of the usual spots:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon

I like that those three stores have swimsuits for all body-types and at affordable prices.

Whenever we go on vacation, I always stop at the local Walmart because they generally will have some bathing suit options on clearance.

Best Swimsuits For Teens

Cute and affordable swimsuits are difficult to find for your teenager so here is an easy and accessible list of swimsuits.