Best Medicine For Period Cramps

best medicine for period pain

best medicine for period pain

Period cramps, unfortunately, are a way of life for many menstruating folks.

While there are plenty of natural options for period pain relief that I have tried (and that work), sometimes I have to go looking for the best medicine for period cramps to knock the cramps right out!

Before you take any medicine, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Let them know what issues you’re having with your period and how bad your cramps are and ask them what the best medicine for period cramps would be for your situation.

I’ll share the medications that I have tried, or that my daughter has taken, as well as some that are highly recommended by others to help you in your decision.

What are period cramps?

Period cramps are pain in the lower abdomen that menstruating people have before and/or during their period. 

Just because you menstruate it doesn’t mean you have to have cramps, but according to Healthline over 50% of menstruating people experience cramps

As someone who has uterine fibroids, heavy periods, and cramps, I can tell you that it’s a very distinct pain.

Basically, you’ll know it when you feel it!

best medicine for period pain

Period cramps should not stop you from living your life, though.

If they do, there might be something more serious going on, and you should absolutely check in with your doctor. 

Non-Medicine Period pAin Relief

Although I am all about taking medicine at the beginning of my period to relieve period cramps, later in my cycle, I like to go the more natural route.

It’s okay to do a combination of both medication and natural pain relief, depending on your needs. 

  • Heating pad
  • Hot shower / bath
  • Essential oils
  • Massage
  • Hot tea
  • Supplements

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best medicine for period cramps

Best Medicine for period Cramps

Choosing the right medicine for your cramps is going to depend on a number of factors. 

You’ll need to consider your age, weight, what symptoms you have and whether or not you have any allergies to certain medications.

See what I mean about checking with your doctor first?

Also, if your tween or teen is taking the medicine, you’ll want to talk to them about the importance of taking the right dose, and keeping you informed before they take any medication.

Best Medicine For Cramps

Have cramps and looking for medication to help manage the pain? These products can help!

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