Ayva is 10

The child who made me a mother is ten today. That means I’ve been a mom for an entire decade. When Ayva was first born, I fell in love with her immediately. It wasn’t hard. From her head full of curly hair, to her hazel eyes and gummy smile, she made me feel complete.

Being her mom brought out the creativity in me. The empathy. The strength.

This little girl is the reason I’m even still here today. She gave me something to live for.

Now, at 10, she’s becoming more of her own self. She has opinions and strong ones at that. She’s not the mini me I envisioned when she was a newborn, but a fully grown human with dreams that are not mine, and a much different personality.

Ayva is funny. She loves being with people, and rarely has an issue with anyone. She’s the girl who gets invited to all the parties and has multiple best friends.

I like that she gets along with just about everyone and is comfortable in most situations. She’s athletic and started playing volleyball and basketball this year. Ayva is also on the youth choir at church, and loves to sing.

As wonderful as my Ayva is, she is also a typical tween in some ways, though. She wants a cellphone more than anything. Actually, she got in trouble for sneaking and watching videos on one of my old phones without asking. Sometimes she gets a little too mouthy, and I have to remind her to do her chores every single time.

Even still, she’s great and has been nothing but a joy in my life. 

These first ten years have been nothing short of a dream, and I’m continuously overwhelmed at all that Ayva can do! I can’t wait to see what the next decade, and the decade after that, and on and on, have in store for my Amazing Ayva! 

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