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3 Simple Ways To Track Your Child’s Mini-Milestones

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3 Simple Ways To Track Your Child's Mini-Milestones

I’ve always envied those amazing moms who take the time to organize their children’s baby books. Not only are the pictures in chronological order, but they’ve also remembered to write down all of the milestones. First tooth? It’s in there. First step? Yup. First word? You betcha. I started off planning to be one of those moms, but then halfway through page 3 of photo organizing, a butterfly flew by and my attention was shifted. That was 4 years ago.

Now that Ayva’s older, it seems like there are even more milestones than when she was a baby! A big part of that has to do with her being more aware of what’s going on around her. She’s able to determine what important moments are to her, and as her mom, I’m here to celebrate those moments with her, regardless of how mini they may be. When you think about it, though, those mini-milestones are what keeps life interesting. You can only take your first step once. Mini-milestones (first day eating hot lunch at school, finally learned to make your bed perfectly, bought a pet fish) are totally icing on life’s cake! Here are a 3 easy ways you can tracking mini-milestones with your kiddos, even if you’re not one of those moms:

1. Put it in a calendar. Every day, write down one thing your child does (or says) that’s interesting or funny in a cheap calendar. It’s a simple way to get in the habit of tracking milestones.

2. Record it. Let your child make a video telling about their mini-milestone. It’ll be super cool to look back years from now and get their perspective on what happened when their first tooth fell out!

3. Journal it. Create a journal for your child with loose leaf paper and a binder.  A couple times each week, have them sit down and write down (or draw!) any interesting things that has happened to them. As they get older, you can use dividers to separate each year.

Mini-milestones are fun, and everyone has them. Spend some quality time checking out these movies now streaming on Netflix all about firsts! 

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