100 Days: A Look Back At Love

Single Mom Finds Love

As I prepare for the future, I took some time today to look back. One of the biggest benefits of being a blogger is having a digital time capsule of my life. My posts tell the stories of a single mom who didn’t know that she wanted love, but who found it anyway. I have bared my heart with you all on this blog, I’ve learned how to be a better mom by working through some challenges on this blog. Today, I celebrate the fact that I have a written record of the relationship that I have with the man that I’m going to marry…from the very first day I met him. I chose a few of those posts to share with you all today…100 days from my wedding day.

This post was written the day after I met Terrence. He and I talked in the lobby of the hotel we were both staying at for a conference, and when I went up to my room later, I all of a sudden remembered that I was not just a MOM, I was also a WOMAN. Yes, honey, I was feeling good!

Looking In The Mirror

Just a few weeks later, I was already smitten. I wrote a poem, y’all. Oh my goodness! Schoolgirl, much? I know, I know!

The Crush – A Poem

As Terrence and I were still learning each other way in a long distance relationship, I made the distinct choice not to be marriage material. Turns out, that works!

Marriage Material? I’d Rather Be Brandi Material. 

A few months later, though, I was putting marriage in the universe.

Love, Marriage Meet Universe

Soon after, things got real.

Single Mom Finds Love

But, I was still scared. I was scared out of my mind, y’all.

I’m Moving My Cheese. And My Child. And I’m Scared.

Things worked out, though! Even though we were living together, I elevated my expectations. I KNEW I wanted more, and I let him know that I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Stop Settling and Be Amazing. 

So now, I’m not stressing.

I Will Not Stress Out Over This Wedding

I am not in this alone.

Not In This Alone

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