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What To Get Your Husband For Christmas

15 Christmas Gifts That Your Husband Will Love

If you’re anything like me, married to a man that doesn’t really want for anything, you may be trying to figure out what to get your husband for Christmas. They’re challenging little buggers, aren’t they, these men? So specific with their taste, yet so uncommunicative about it at the same time! Don’t worry, y’all. We’re sisters in the struggle, and I’ve got you covered. It took a bit of digging (and pulling, and begging) to get a few ideas from my man about good gift possibilities, and I’m sharing them with you!

Safe Bets

The gifts in this category are pretty much universally acceptable. They might not be as creative as, say, a handmade Gordon Gartrelle shirt (Cosby Show, anyone?), but at least your husband will actually like these things.

Pocket Boom Speakers – $99.00

These little speakers pack some big sound! While the sound quality of these speakers is comparable to other more well-known brands, the value  is hard to match.

Beats By Dre Headphones – $199.00

If your guy enjoys listening to music, these headphones are a must buy. I purchased a pair for Terrence as a wedding present, and he loves to use them when he’s chilling out and relaxing at home listening to jams.

Netflix Membership – $7.99 / month

A cd in an envelope might not be sexy, but that’s not all Netflix has to offer! A membership will allow you to stream original shows like “Orange is the New Black” and all your husband’s favorite movies. And who knows, it might just get hubby in the mood for a romantic stay at home date night.

Apple TV – $99

Another entertainment focused gift, the Apple TV will allow your hubby to check out great content in high definition including movies and television shows, as well as music. It’s super easy to set up, and perfect for your Apple lover. (also check out Roku)

Multiples of something that he likes

Look at what your husband already has and likes, and buy a bunch of them. One tie might not be that exciting of a gift, but TEN of them? Well, that’s a different story. Maybe it’s a new set of golf clubs, or several pair of jeans, quantity can take any gift idea over the top.

Movie Gift Card

Treat your honey to the movies by purchasing gift cards. Encourage him to go out on his own, or find a babysitter and make it a date, but movie gift cards can cover the show and snacks, allowing him to sit back and enjoy without shelling out his own cash.

Paraphanalia from his favorite team or activity

This one is a no-brainer. If your husband likes the 49ers, find him a great cap to help him rep his team. If sports aren’t his thing, maybe buy  a witty tee-shirt from his favorite television show, or a framed photo of his favorite place to hang out in the city.

Accessories to go with his favorite activity – prices vary

If your husband likes to run, get him a Fitbit. If he enjoys cooking, buy him this Belkin Chef Tablet Stand and Stylus. Think about what your fella likes to do, and find the latest, greatest accessory to help him enjoy the activity better.

Liquor – prices vary

According to my husband, you can’t go wrong with liquor. Purchase a special bottle of scotch or whisky, and package it with a cocktail shaker, or glasses in a style that he’ll love. If you’re lucky, he might share with you!

Nostalgic Items

One of my friends is turning her husband’s college tee-shirts into a quilt. How cool is that! Find a way to commemorate your husbands youth with a sweet nostalgic present. You can get college photos professionally framed and matted, or find an exact replica of his favorite  college baseball cap that’s ripped/worn/too small. This is the kind of gift that will have him remembering why he married you in the first place!

Risky, But Good

Once you have your safe bet gift taken care of, add a little spice to your giving with these gifts. This list is comprised of things that he won’t know he wants until he gets it.

Massage gift certificate

Most folks don’t realize they really, really want a massage until they get one. Then they become necessary. Treat your guy to a spa gift certificate, and then make him go! It’ll help relieve stress, and if you join him, it can be a fun couple activity.

A fancy coffeemaker

I know that purchasing your partner appliances is typically frowned upon, but I think there’s an exception for coffee. Like the massage, most folks never know they needed a Keurig until they have one and they’re trying to figure out how they ever survived without one. If your guys likes coffee, and he purchases one (or 2. or 5.) every day, he’ll appreciate this gift. Also, since he’ll be saving money, it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.

Do something / Experience

Instead of a physical present, think of an experience that you can gift to your man. Has he ever dreamed about driving a race car, or playing golf on an exclusive course? Christmas makes a great time to fulfill that dream! It doesn’t have to be a “dream” experience, though. Something as simple as a gym membership can have the same impact.

Romantic getaway

In our relationship, Terrence is always the one who spoils me with romantic surprises. If your marriage is like mine in that way, then switch things up and plan something and let your husband be the center of attention. You don’t even have to travel far, just reserve a room in a swanky hotel in your city, turn off the phone, and spend time letting him know that he’s appreciated.

Design a Man Cave

Okay, just have to say that I hate the phrase “man cave”, but there’s no better way to describe a place in your home where your husband can retreat and chill when he wants to. It doesn’t even have to be a whole room. You could just create a “man corner” in your living room with a huge, comfy recliner, a side table to hold his “daddy juice”, and a remote control holder.

These ideas are based off of my husband who is a bit of a Renaissance man, and I know that no two men are created the same. Still, I hope this list inspires you. Remember, your husband loves you, and he will appreciate anything that you get him!

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