Christmas Bucket List for Families

Holiday Bucket List

Christmas bucket list

Have you ever made a Christmas bucket list?

The holiday break will be starting for many of us soon.

It’s the perfect time to sit down and write out the memories you want to make with your loved ones.

Being intentional about reconnecting with family, and having fun is important.

I know the holiday season can be crazy busy for a lot of folks, but remember to take a chill pill and relax.

I know the thought of that it can be intimidating.

Everyone is showing their super perfect, stylized vacations on Instagram, and their amazing Christmas crafts and cookies, but if that ain’t you, that ain’t you.

And I gotta say, that ain’t me.

Christmas Bucket List

My family is simple and easy to please.

Board games. Family movies. Reading or baking together. That’s what we like. 

I’m not planning activities based on how social media attractive they are.

If you need some ideas of REAL things that you can do with your family over the Christmas break, I’ve got you covered.

Nothing on this list needs to be done perfectly.

Shoot, last year, we didn’t decorate our gingerbread house until after Christmas when the craft store was practically giving away kits

Yes, kits. We decorated a gingerbread house that we made from a kit. And the kids were alright.

Holiday Bucket List

Christmas Bucket List

  • Decorate a gingerbread house.
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon.
  • Take gifts to people in need.
  • Go on a drive to find the BIGGEST Christmas tree in your city.
  • Go to breakfast in pajamas.
  • Take Christmas pictures somewhere cool and interesting. 
  • Read a different Christmas book every night.
  • Make handmade presents.
  • Learn a new Christmas carol.
  • Host a Christmas tea.
  • Spend the day snuggled in bed watching Christmas episodes of old t.v. shows.
  • Bake cookies for Santa.
  • Drive around and look at all of the Christmas lights.