Air Storm Firetek Bow For Adventurous Kids

Firetek Bow

This light up power post about the Air Storm Firetek Bow is  part of a sponsored campaign with Walmart. It's not every day that I find a toy that I'm just as intrigued with as Ayva. The Air Storm Firetek Bow, another toy on the Walmart Chosen By Kids Top 20 Toys List had me totally interested in learning more about it, though. Maybe it's because I love movies like "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent", or perhaps it's because if I wasn't so afraid of bugs I'd totally be an outdoorsy type gal, but a bow and (foam) arrow set that lights up seemed really cool to me. … [Continue]

Last Minute Holiday Home Prep: Fast Snacks For Guests

quick hostess snack 10

I’m sharing tips on last minute holiday preparations as part of a sponsored campaign with CVS/pharmacy. I have the type of family where, if they stop by my house and I don't have any food at all, they're going to talk about me. That's just how my people roll. But really, during the holiday season, we all should know better. Chances are, people are going to be stopping by when their in the neighborhood because the holidays are all about connecting and spending time with people that we love and care about. If you don't keep snacks around for guests any other time of the year, you definitely want to have them in stock in December! Now, I don't mean to suggest that you have to be prepared with a 4-course meal for your visitors, but just having a few things on hand can help you look like the hostess with the mostess without any stress. … [Continue]

Zoomer Dino Is On Every Kid’s Wish List!

Zoomer Dino

I'm roaring on about the Zoomer Interactive Dino as part of a sponsored campaign with Walmart. Children love interactive toys, and the Zoomer Interactive Dino is the epitome of that category. It's really not hard to see why this toy made the Walmart Chosen By Kids Top 20 Toys List. A beautiful … [Continue]

Christmas Break Bucket List

Christmas Break Bucket List header

It's here, y'all! Christmas break has started for Ayva and Terrence, and it's just hours away for me. This is totally the time of the year to reconnect with family, and have some pure, unfiltered fun. I know it's still crazy busy for a lot of folks with Christmas coming up in just a few days, but at … [Continue]

Is It Me, Or Are Old Women Getting Younger?

poise microliners 2

Poise® Microliners and I want you to know that old women are getting younger, and this is a sponsored post for Socialstars. #LifesLittleLeaks When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get older. I really didn't like having to get permission to do everything, and I counted down the days until I was a … [Continue]

Last Minute Holiday Home Prep: The Quick Clean

Holiday Home Prep 2

I'm sharing tips on last minute holiday preparations as part of a sponsored campaign with CVS/pharmacy. If you're anything like me, with less than a week less until Christmas and you're not even close to being prepared, just know that this is a judgement free zone! What can I say, the last … [Continue]

Make A Clementine Mojito For The Holidays!

Clementine Mojito

I Christmas-tized my mojito drink recipe as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SweetNLowStars  I'll never forget the first time I had a mojito. I was in my early twenties, living in Philadelphia, and a friend from North Carolina had come to visit me. I wanted to show off a bit, so I … [Continue]

Being An Actual Mom

actual mom

I remember the first night it happened. It was 7:00 PM and I had just finished getting Ayva ready for bed. She had her story, I'd supervised her brushing her teeth, and she was snug and tucked in the bed. It wasn't until I leaned in to kiss her that she said, "What? No dinner tonight?" Yes, that's … [Continue]

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program

rosetta stone 2

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influencer Central for Rosetta Stone, and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #RSKids  Last summer, Terrence and I were determined to teach Ayva how to read. We purchased a bunch of books and other materials aimed … [Continue]

‘Tis The Season To Teach Kids About Acceptance #ShineBright

ayva rudolph 2

I am a ‘ShineBright’ Ambassador and have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own. One of the things that surprised me the most about Ayva starting kindergarten is talking to other kindergarten parents about how early bullying starts. We're very fortunate to be in a school … [Continue]