Reinventing The Feel #NakedMoms

Reinventing The Feel #NakedMoms

I can remember the exact moment I changed from being Brandi to Brandi, Ayva's Mom. It was on the day of my ultrasound to determine my unborn child's gender. When I heard the words, "It's a girl!", my life was forever changed. My heart exploded, the agape love switch turned on in my brain, and I haven't been the same since. That day marked the start of my reinvention. Not just a change from the way I saw motherhood, but a change in the way I saw myself. Quite frankly, before I became a Mom, I thought folks were just being melodramatic with their overblown feelings towards their children. Like, yeah, they're cute and all, but really? All of the happy tears and the talking about them all the time? Is that necessary? I quickly discovered, that yes, those feelings are real, and they are often unable to be contained. As a new mom, I was all, "Ayva this", and "Ayva that". As an experienced mom nearly 5 years later, nothing has really changed. I still get overwhelmed, often, by the depth of … [Continue]

Every Waking Moment Doesn’t Need To Be Blogged

Every Waking Moment Doesn't Need To Be Blogged.

Anybody that knows Ayva and me know that we love being on the move! From the time she was a tiny baby up to now, she's been my roadie for the last few years. Once I started blogging and writing about our adventures, forget about it. We were up and down the road creating blog-worthy experiences and pinnable moments. I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunities that we've been able to have because of my work, and they have really enhanced our lives. You know what, though? Every mom moment doesn't have to be blogged. Last night, Terrence had to work late and Ayva and I were able to get some quality girl time in. I caught up on her life with some lively conversation, put together puzzles, and discovered more about the type of houses that children around the world live in thanks to a new library book. The thing about last night that was different than many other nights of our Ayva/Mommy time is that I didn't have the camera out, or my phone near to snap a pictures and post our time … [Continue]

Tips For New Runners From @NewBalance

Tips For New Runners

It's been a week, and I still haven't lost the high that I have from the Disney Social Media Moms Fun Run that I participated in last Sunday. I am going to keep running. I don't dream of completing a marathon or anything like that. I'll be honest; I just want to be fit and healthy. Running is the … [Continue]

Preschool Style: Pink and Lace

Preschool Style: Pink and Lace

As Ayva gets older, she's becoming very specific about her style. The more feminine, the better. If it's pink, that's like icing on an already super sweet, super girly cake. I don't mind, really. I mean, I used to try to get her to expand her taste. The reality is, she's growing up, and being able … [Continue]

Fairy Garden Themed Basket (Not Just For Easter!) #TargetColors

Fairy Garden Basket

Easter is tomorrow, and my how things have changed! Back in the day, we used to get huge baskets filled with tons of candy and our parents didn't think a second about it. Now, we are more conscious of what we are giving our kids, and folks are getting more creative with ways to make baskets without … [Continue]

Finally Finishing #runDisney #DisneySMMoms

My #runDisney Experience

I don't have a bucket list. When I was in my 20's, I did, but as I got older, I realized that so many cool experiences exist in the world that I don't even know about, why limit myself to only the things that I know? Life is my bucket list. Since adopting that philosophy, the most amazing things … [Continue]

Did You Get A Chance To Catch The #Ickies? #ad

Clorox Ick Awards

Remember back in college how you could go to a party, jam all night long, and still make it to class the next morning? Well, those days are long gone for me. Honestly, I'm still recovering from the completely epic Clorox #Ickies Twitter party  last Wednesday. Oh my goodness, y'all, that party was … [Continue]

It’s #MagicAtPlay With Kohl’s Disney Collection


My daughter changes her clothes at least 3 times per day. It's not unusual for her to go from her jammies to a princess dress of some sort, then a leotard with a tutu, something completely out of season, and then, finally, school clothes. As the mother of a preschool fashionista, I always has to be … [Continue]

The Health Vow

I vow to stop faking it and take better care of myself.

Last Monday morning, I woke up feeling a little bit off. My head was pounding behind my eyes, and I couldn't really focus at all. I had my normal meetings and pushed through them like I always do. See, my thing when I'm not feeling good is to pretend everything is okay. I don't do the groggy voice, … [Continue]

Clean Closet. Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

No Room In Your Closet? Donate to Goodwill!

It's starting to warm up here in Northern California, and that means I'll start my annual whining. "I have nothing to wear!" "Everything I have is too big/small/medium!" "Wah wah wah! I need new clothes!" That wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a closet full of clothes, some that I've … [Continue]