The Best Tablet For Kids

InnoTab MAX 1

Vtech provided an InnoTab MAX for me to review, and is sponsoring the giveaway. Back in the day, a lot of folks felt like kids and technology didn't go together. As each year passes, though, and we get deeper into the digital age, it's apparent that children today need to have access to technology, and they need to be educated on how to use it. One of the best ways to let little ones get the exposure that will ensure they're able to compete in tech focus world, is with a tablet. But, where does one start with looking for a first tablet for a child? Well, you know that I always have your back, so look no further. I've found the best tablet for kids, so you don't have to! The Vtech InnoTab MAX is perfect for children aged 3 - 8. They aren't just saying that, either. The tablet comes with learning cartridges that are age appropriate and allow your child to learn at the pace that's just right for them. Here are the top 4 things that I like about the Vtech InnoTab Max. Keep in mind … [Continue]

The Most Important Sights Of The Season

Ayva Santa Letter 2

Last night, Ayva wrote a letter to her Christmas elf and asked him to come soon. I was so busy trying to finish up a deadline that I really didn't even look up when she read the letter to me. After she had gone to bed, I picked up her note while tidying up. It was perfect. She had sounded all of the words out, and while a couple were misspelled, she did her best, and it was such a sweet, earnest attempt. Unfortunately, I totally missed the chance to really congratulate her, to talk about how smart it was that she wrote the note, to give her a hug and take a few seconds to hang the letter up for the elf to find it. … [Continue]

A Little Sour For My Sweet


Thanks to Haribo Sour Gold-Bears for sponsoring this treat for my sweetie! My husband isn't a fan of a lot of sweets. He doesn't like chocolate, could give or take ice cream, and really doesn't like cake. The one thing that he does like, though, and could eat a boatload of, is sour, gummy … [Continue]

Family Activity: Taste Test Your City

See's Candies 1

Over the next few weeks, Ayva is going to have a lot of days off from school. Next week, she's out for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas break starts a little while after that. As I'm looking for ways to keep her busy, a cool idea hit me. We can eat our way through the Bay Area! From See's Candies to … [Continue]

Meet Gracie By Soybu

gracie 3

Thank you, Gracie by Soybu for these awesome outfits for my budding yogi! We are at the point of 5 years old where Ayva is so distracted. So, so distracted. I'm talking distracted, y'all. I send her in her room to put socks on, 15 minutes later she comes back with a picture that she made. I tell … [Continue]

Make Time For Family When You Decorate Early #BIGHoliday

big lots family 1

This #BigHoliday post is sponsored by Big Lots in celebration of National Decorate Your Home For The Holidays Week. This week is one for the record books. I mean, seriously. Never in my life have I had my home decorated for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving. I have to admit, it only happened … [Continue]

This Christmas, Check Out “Roaming Reindeer”

Roaming Reindeer 1

Finding a good Christmas book is always fun. Don't you just love discovering new stories to add to your holiday collection each year? If so, you'll definitely want to check out Roaming Reindeer by Angela Meju. Not just a book, it's a fun tradition that encourages positive behavior all season long … [Continue]

One Of The Highs

dance party 1

Things are so crazy right now. There's stuff going on with my family that I'm not ready to talk about, yet. Challenges. Stress. Sadness. But that's life, right? There are highs and there are lows, and that's what makes us humans. Our resilience. Our tenacity. Our ability to deal with pain and still … [Continue]

Watch TV Wherever You Are With TV Everywhere

tv everywhere

Thanks to TV Everywhere for sponsoring this post! #YouCouldBeWatchingTV We are getting into our busy season. Ayva has stuff, Terrence has stuff, and me? I mostly just drive and wait around a lot. Often while I'm waiting, I'll browse the internet on my phone, or pull out a notebook and write. … [Continue]

Kmart + Black Friday = Winning

Kmart Black Friday

This is a sponsored post. I am a K-Club blogger, but all opinions are my own. In my family, shopping at Kmart on Black Friday morning is a holiday tradition. Well, for everyone except me. I don't like the crowds too much, but I love to look through the circulars and plan my trip for later that … [Continue]