How To Celebrate Your Daughter’s First Period

First period gift ideas:  Celebrating the start of a menstrual cycle as a rite of passage, with meaningful and useful gifts.

Consider making a first period kit with essentials for when your daughter is out and about.

A period tracker journal can help your daughter develop a closer relationship with her cycle.

Moon jewelry can be a subtle and powerful first period gift, symbolizing the connection between menstrual cycles and the moon.

Treat your daughter to a spa day, teaching her self-care and appreciation for her body.

Prepare a special, healthy meal to show support and nourishment during her cycle.

Any acknowledgment of her first period is appreciated; keep it simple and sweet.

Plan a first period party to celebrate and promote a positive attitude towards menstruation.

Respect your daughter's choice if she doesn't want a big fuss; there will be other opportunities to celebrate her in the future.