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Best Period Underwear for Girls 2023

The perfect choice for eco-conscious tweens and teens, Proof Teen period underwear is a fun, sustainable brand!

1. Proof Teen Period Underwear

Leakproof period panties: 3-pack, sizes vary; holds 2 tampons; ideal for heavy flow.

2. Bambody Period Absorbent Brief

Tagless and comfortable, these period panties are great for girls who are just getting used to their period.

3. INNERSY Period Panties

These affordable period panties from a trusted brand are so comfortable.

4. Hanes Girls Period Underwear Comfort Pack

They are comfortable and effective in preventing leaks, but they don’t hold a lot.  Get these for a light bleeder or a younger girl who needs comfort.

5. Anna and Eric Leakproof Underwear

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The sleek, boy short cut is good for activities, too. If bloating is a problem during her cycle, your daughter will appreciate the extra belly support

6. Neione Absorbent Period Underwear

The best part about these panties, besides how well they can handle leaks (even if you might want to wear a backup pad on your heavy day), is their customer service.

7. YooTime Sports Period Underwear

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