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Prepping Pets for Baby with Zylkene

Learn how to make introducing your baby to your pup easy in this sponsored post! #MyHappyPets
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When you’re getting ready to bring a baby home, there are a million things that need to be done. You work on his nursery, take childbirth classes, and mentally prepare for having another human to take care of. My family did everything we could before Jamie got here. We made lists, asked for advice, and things went pretty smoothly. Except we forgot one thing. We didn’t think about what it’d be like for our family dog Tre to have this new little person in his space.

We quickly learned the importance of making a plan to introduce our dog to our baby. Even two months later, Tre still gets jealous. I’m glad that he’s used to Jamie now, but we could have made the transition a lot easier for him. Here’s what I learned about introducing a new baby into a home with a dog. I hope these tips help you!

1. Get the baby used to your home first.

If possible, my number one tip for introducing your baby and your dog are to do it after you’ve had a chance to get baby home and comfortable. If you’re able to have a friend or family member watch the puppy for a few days after you get home from the hospital, that’s ideal. When you first come home with the baby, you’re carrying bags, feeling a little unsure, and pretty overwhelmed. You want the first introduction to be good, and it won’t be if your dog feels like you’re ignoring him or he’s in the way.

2. Keep the dog’s routine.

Just like it’s important to create a routine for your baby, it’s just as important to keep your pup’s routine. Take him on walks like always. Spend time snuggling. It’s important that your dog knows that he’s still an important part of the family. The best way to do that is to keep things as normal as possible for him. He’ll be much more receptive to this new little being he’s sharing your attention with when he knows that he’s not being pushed out.

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3. Make formal introductions.

Be very intentional about introducing your baby and your dog. Hold the dog in your arms and have someone else hold the baby. Let him look at the baby. Talk to him about who the baby is, and bring him as close to the baby as you feel comfortable with. Once the baby gets a little older (around 5 weeks or so), do the same thing for him. Let them both know that they are important to each other and that they are family. You’ll have to do this repeatedly as both babies and dogs forget things pretty easily!


4. Get support to help your dog cope.

Just like every baby is different, every dog is different. If your pup has a tough time with transitions, and the new baby seems to be stressing him out, it’s okay to get help. Zylkene is a behavior supplement that helps dogs adjust to challenging situations. Zylkene contains a milk-derived ingredient in vegetable capsules that are easy for dogs (and cats) to consume, and make administration of them simple. You can get this trusted resource at your vet clinic or online. Just visit the Zylkene website for more information on the #ZylkeneDifference.

I know it’s exciting to bring a new baby home, but don’t forget your fur baby in the process. Make a plan to help your baby and your dog become best friends, and it’ll be the sweetest relationship you could ever imagine!

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