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Zap Zap Math Makes Summer Learning Fun

Math during the summer can be fun with Zap Zap Math! Learn how in this sponsored post.
zap zap math

After what felt like the longest school year ever, Ayva is finished with the second grade. Although summer vacation has started, that doesn’t mean the learning is going to stop. From science experiments to field trips and games, we don’t play that summer brain drain thing over here! One of the tools we’ll be using is the Zap Zap Math app. The app features over 150 math concept games that encourage “higher order thinking” which is exactly what Common Core does.

Here’s the thing about Common Core—I was totally against it. I huffed and I puffed when it was first introduced into schools. As a former educator, I felt that it added unnecessary steps to problem solving. We were able to get really acquainted with the Common Core concept this school year. Even though I cried and wanted to pull out my hair when it was time for homework, I couldn’t deny the fact that the method empowered Ayva to think creatively. She discovered different ways to solve a problem, and that’s a skill that will benefit her in all areas of her life.

Back to the Zap Zap Math app. There are different subjects based on grade level, with multiple ways to engage with concepts. Every section of the game training, accuracy, speed, mission which give kids a chance to practice things like solving problems quickly, or completing a task without mistakes. Ayva was especially grateful for the tutorials where she learned about the skill she needed in order to win the game.

Watching Ayva navigate Zap Zap Math and play the games, I was again reminded how good Common Core has been for her. She started going through the problems, making mistakes at first. Then the lightbulb came on and she realized that Zap Zap Math was the same type of math she had been doing all school year! She is going through the second grade activities and then will get a leg up on third grade by moving on and learning new math concepts later in the summer.

If you used the app before, make sure to check out the new & improved user interface. Keep your eye out for the multiplayer quiz feature with a leaderboard is perfect for friendly competition between friends. If you have young mathematicians, get ready because Zap Zap Kindergarten Math launches in July 2017. Download the app for free on Android or ios.

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What are you doing to keep your kids learning over the summer? Download Zap Zap Math on Android or ios for summer learning made fun!