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YouVersion The Bible App For Kids – FREE!

YouVersion Bible App for Kids

Every Thursday, Ayva heads to Awana, a Bible club for children at our church. I credit her mentors at Awana for encouraging her to learn scriptures, and helping to set a foundation for her belief in Christ. Terrence, his parents and I have been supplementing that as well, by teaching her stories from the Bible, and coaching her on her scriptures. Because Ayva is only 4, we are always looking for tools to support her learning about Christ on a level that she can understand. We recently discovered YouVersion’s The Bible App for Kids.

Since Ayva is a young digital language learner, and totally loves being on our tablet, a Bible app makes perfect sense. Terrence downloaded the app on his tablet for Ayva a couple of days ago, and she absolutely loved it. The illustrations are really fun and bright, and we love that the stories are narrated so Ayva doesn’t have to wait for us to read them to her. At different points throughout the various Bible stories, there are quick checkins to make sure the children are comprehending. The checkins are true/false, yes/no questions, and are very low stress. There are a lot of interactive games included in the app,and they kept Ayva busy for her entire tablet time.

The YouVersion Bible App for Kids is FREE to download, and you can get it on any mobile device or tablet. Consider downloading it so that you can read about the Christmas story, or downloading it to any tablet that you purchase for your child for Christmas. We’ve only had it for a few days, but I can already tell that it is going to be a great resource and partner for us to help teach Ayva about Christ. In fact, I’m sure the app will help to break down some of the stories that I might need some help understanding, too!


Vicky @ Mess for Less

Monday 2nd of December 2013

Thanks Brandi! Just downloaded!