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Your Child is One in A Billion

News flash folks…as fabulous, spectacular and amazing as your child is, they are one in about a gazillion children that populate this planet. There were children here before them, there will be children long after your precious little one has grown up, and Lord willing, there will be children on this earth thousands of years from now when we’re all dead and gone.
I know it’s hard to remember that other women have been pregnant when you’re deep in the emotions of the first trimester of your first pregnancy. And yes, it can be challenging, when you’re looking at the sweet face of your inaugural newborn to imagine that any other being has ever been birthed that is as precious and darling as the one you have been blessed with. As your child grows, every cute little phrase and funny little quirk affects you to the point where you forget that being uber-adorable is totally normal developmentally, and all toddlers are so yummy that you want to just gobble them up.
That being said, when you are at home, your little one might be the Golden Child, but when you are out in public, there are a bunch of Golden Children, so be considerate. This weekend, I took my Golden Child to a fun concert at a local indoor play spot. At one point in the concert, the musicians tossed bells out into the crowd so that the children could jam along with the band. Ayva was leaning down to pick up a bell, I mean, her hand was on the bell, and a mom grabbed it from where Ayva was picking it up from and tossed it to her child. Ayva didn’t cry, but she walked back to me with a super sad face, and said, “She took my bells”. I told Ayva not to worry about, we have bells at home, gave her my camera to take pictures and distract her from feeling sad, and talked myself down from going hog wild on the woman.
Now, I know that sometimes, as parents, we get distracted, but I have seen the look before that Snatchy Mom had. It’s the look of, “I will get my child whatever they want, whenever they want, even if it’s just bells, at any expense. No man, woman or child will be spared. This is my life’s calling and nothing else matters.”
I wanted to punch her.
But, I didn’t. First of all, I’m a blogger, not a fighter. Second, I actually feel sad for that woman. I’m blessed that I don’t live in a world that is so small and so enclosed that I don’t notice other children besides that one that belongs to me. On a much bigger level, that seems to a challenge with our society. There are children who go hungry and don’t have coats in the winter, while there are other children that get tons of expensive presents at Christmas, only for their parents to joke about how the kids only wants to play with the box.
So, as you are remembering how spectacular and amazing your child is, don’t forget that the world is filled with billions of kids who are also spectacular and amazing. Just, you know, open your eyes, and I’ll bet you can see them for yourself.