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7 Yummy Yogurt Ideas

I was never a yogurt person. It’s only been since Ayva’s been born that I started to appreciate the many virtues of the creamy, culture-rich, dairy treat. Seriously, what’s not to love? It’s rich in protein and calcium, and is great for your intestinal health. Not only that, it’s delicious! So, what was holding me back from loving yogurt before? Well, I thought it was plain. I have since learned that yogurt is one of the most versatile foods out there. Since summer is coming up, I decided to share some of the ways that I kick yogurt up a notch. Keep in mind that I am totally not a foodie, so if I can do it, so can you!

1. Use it as a smoothie base. Blend yogurt, spinach (yes!), and a variety of frozen fruits for a delicious smoothie for half of what you’d pay at a smoothie shop.

2. Put your smoothie mix into a popsicle mold so your kiddos can enjoy it, too. It won’t even matter that it’s green!

3. Add brown sugar and orange juice concentrate to make a yummy dip for fruit or cake.

4. Bake with it! Replace your butter or sour cream with yogurt for moistness and additional flavor.

5. Make a parfait with yogurt and granola. You don’t need a fancy parfait glass, either. Just put a layer of yogurt, then granola, another layer of yogurt, and top with granola. It’s an easy way to feel fancy and decadent.

6. Mix yogurt with curry or other savory spices for an exotic and healthy dip.

7. Dip sturdy fruit like berries or grapes in yogurt and freeze them for the perfect summer snack.

Do you like yogurt? How do you kick it up a notch?