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This is Why I’m Voting Yes on Prop 22

Find out why I’m voting YES on Prop 22 in this sponsored post.

Yes on Prop 22

I’m voting yes on prop 22

Gig working saved my life. No, seriously. Many years ago, I was in a position where I needed to earn more money. The salary from my full-time job wasn’t enough to pay all of my bills, plus childcare for my new baby, and allow me to buy food.

Because I had a job and a baby, I wasn’t able to pick up a part-time job that would have a strict schedule, so gig work it was.

I would pick up random jobs from folks when I had the time—teaching, doing some assistant work, etc. and the money I made was enough to help me get over the hump.

Of course, now gig workers have more options.

There are companies for folks to drive or shop for others. And options for people to run errands, or do creative work.

And they can do all of this on their own schedule, as it fits into their lives, as independent contractors.

I wish I had the options that drivers have today back when I was struggling with both time and money. I know it would have been a gigantic help.

That’s why I’m voting yes on Prop 22.

What is Prop 22?

Prop 22 is a California statewide ballot measure that you’ll see on November 2020 election ballots.

Here are facts directly from my partners at Yes on 22 about the measure (highlights are mine):

  • Protect the right of app-based rideshare and delivery drivers to choose flexible work as independent contractors.
  • Preserve access to earning opportunities for struggling Californians needing to supplement lost income or jobs.
  • Provide drivers new benefits and protections in these tough economic times including a minimum earnings guarantee, access to health care benefits and insurance against illnesses and injuries acquired on the job.
  • Implement new safety protections for consumers and the public, including providing for recurring background checks of drivers, mandatory safety training, and zero tolerance for drug, alcohol and other offenses.
  • Protect the availability of app-based home delivery services that are providing food, medicine and groceries to those in need, and the rideshare services getting essential workers to their jobs and keeping drunk and impaired drivers off our roadways.

In a nutshell, the goal of Prop 22 is to protect independent drivers, shoppers, and other app-based job workers.

No one could have imagined that app-based jobs would have exploded like it has.

Just in my own community, I have a family member who drove for Lyft and Uber while he was getting his graduate degree. He would drive at night and on weekends, whenever he didn’t have class.

The only way to achieve that level of flexibility is with independent work.

Making money while doing so on one’s own terms is freedom for so many of us Californians. Prop 22 ensures that app based drivers are able to maintain their independent status and are paid a fair wage.

Prop 22 Saves jobs

Here’s where we have to keep it real.

Without Prop 22, there won’t be enough work opportunities with app-based platforms for everyone currently working today.

There will be people who will no longer be able to drive or deliver on these platforms.

Consider if you had a company where the team could do what they love whenever they wanted.

Now, imagine coming in and telling them that from now on, they have to work fixed shifts on certain days.

That’s simply not the work or the lifestyle that drivers signed up for.

Prop 22 saves jobs by allowing companies to continue to pay app-based job workers as independent contractors.

Workers can jump from app to app, depending on what they need for the day, allowing them the flexibility to enjoy the work / life balance that the drivers have designed for themselves.

The flexibility of an independent contractor work situation benefits everyone.

This is why more than 100,000 drivers support Prop 22!

And by a 6:1 basis, drivers say they prefer being independent contractors vs. being employees.

Yes on Prop 22

Vote Yes on Prop 22

I want to encourage you to please vote YES on Prop 22.

Whether or not you believe you will be impacted by the measure makes no difference.

Here is an opportunity to help save 900,000 jobs. App-based job workers will enjoy guaranteed earnings income with Prop 22.

They’ll be able to continue taking care of their families, or working towards their dream, and helping people in the community—like you and me.

How many times have you used Instacart, Postmates or Doordash? Especially since the beginning of the pandemic.

What about late night rides to the airport? Did you ever call a Lyft or Uber so you wouldn’t have to wake up your whole family to pick you up?

These services are critical to our economy. These workers are important to our lives.

Vote Yes on Prop 22.

For more information on Prop 22, check them out here:

Yes on Prop 22

John Andrews

Saturday 31st of October 2020

Great article Brandi! Being from NC, I didn't fully understand the bill and now I do. This is likely a roadmap for the rest of the country. Good luck.

Your lyft driver

Sunday 11th of October 2020

Thank you so much for this. I'm a driver and it's been a lot of work trying to make people understand that this is what we are looking for. I'm very excited about the healthcare!


Monday 12th of October 2020

You deserve it for all you do to make life easier on everyone else!