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Why I Haven’t Posted In a Few Days – The Long Version

Years ago when I was putting myself through college by working as a temp at a pharmaceutical company, I learned a lesson that was probably more important than any that I had paid for at my university. One day, the Senior Administrative Assistant gave me a seemingly simple task, to copy, collate and staple a packet of documents for attendees at a board meeting. Well, I was young and irresponsible, and the task was brainless, right? I put the documents in the copier, pressed a few buttons and went back to my desk to browse the early interwebs.
Ten minutes later, I placed a stack of papers on my supervisor’s desk and headed down to lunch. Because, you know, I was famished. Photocopying is so tough. When I returned, all set to make personal phone calls or something equally as obnoxious, my boss asked me to come into her office.  She pulled out the work that I had painstakingly completed and started going through all of the mistakes. Some of the packets were missing papers, the cover page had copied off center, and there was a faint black line on all of the copies. The Senior Admin talked to me, graciously coaching and teaching me the importance of paying attention to detail and being committed to any task that I was doing. I was, first, embarrassed, and then grateful.
That lesson, on that day, has influenced so much of who I am right now. I realized that it doesn’t matter what my position in life was, what title I had, what role I play, if I have a job to do, I need to do it well. It’s not enough to press a button and go sit down. If I want to succeed at anything, I have to be willing to put the time, work and energy in to making things work. There is no easy way out, there’s no magic button that’s going to make my stuff look good, no quick fix.
It’s easy to look at some folks, see how they have it going on, and make assumptions about how they got what they have. Whether it’s a blogger with thousands of followers, or a mom who always looks so nice and put together, chances of them having what they have is probably not just luck, but the result of the effort and attention that they paid on achieving their goal. I have to remember that. Sometimes I do just want to stick something up on this blog and press publish just to say I did it. There are times when I have done that. Those are the posts that I’m not as proud of, posts that don’t add anything to you, the reader, or me, the writer. I don’t want posts like that on this blog, it’s too important to me.
So, with returning from BlogHer, and my upcoming move, and my new job, and my old job, and my 3 year old, and, you know, trying to live, I haven’t posted in few days.  Just wanted to let you all know why.