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What To Pack For A Family Road Trip To Hollywood

Hollywood Wax Museum, Mama Knows It All

‘Tis the season, y’all. Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, then there’s Christmas, and before you know it, it’ll be the new year. It’s about to get ca-razy! So, guess what Terrence, Ayva and I are going to do? We’re headed out of town for some family fun. Yup, when things get chaotic, we hit the road. We’re headed down to Southern California for a little sun and entertainment in a few weeks. We’ve been making a list of the things to do in Hollywood and the surrounding areas. We’re going to stop at a couple of the amusement parks in the area, of course, but we’re also looking to do a few fun things that are out of the ordinary. One of the area attractions that we’ll definitely be visiting is the Hollywood Wax Museum. The museum was just named a “Hero of Hollywood” and recognized for integrity, relationship building and community service. And of course they have the most amazing wax figures of celebrities and pop culture icons. Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal (kind of!) with their favorite star?

Since we’re going to the land of the rich and famous, we’ll be packing a little differently than we would if we were going to any other old rinky dink town. Hollywood is known for the stars, honey, and you can rest assured that the Riley Family is going to fit in. Are you wondering what one should pack on a trip to Hollywood? Before you hit the road, check out my list of the absolute must haves!

What To Pack For A Family Road Trip To Hollywood

1. Sunglasses

The quintessential Hollywood accessory is sunglasses. Whether you’re a famous movie star, or a mom from Oakland who plans on posing as one, you don’t want to forget to pack your sunnies. Really, though, it’s super sunny in Southern California, so even if you don’t normally wear sunglasses, make sure every member of the family has a pair.

2. Fashionable casual clothes

I get it. Tourists want to be comfortable. Heck, people who aren’t tourists want to be comfortable (says the lady who lives in yoga pants). You’re going to Hollywood, though, so have a little fun with your style and step up your fashion game a bit. Instead of stretch pants, try a maxi dress and a cardigan. Oh, and please leave your fanny pack at home.

3. Camera

Cell phone photos are awesome, but if you have another camera that you  could pack to record your memories, bring it along! Even if you don’t use it, you can let your little one snap some photos from their perspective. Most tourist attractions encourage picture taking. In fact, the Hollywood Wax Museum was designed with guest interaction in mind. They want you to pose with the wax figures and take pictures, so, the more cameras, the merrier!

4. Notebook and Pen

Now, I never really understood the point of getting autographs, but I know that I’m in the minority. If you’re an autograph person, Hollywood is definitely a place where you want to be prepared. Pack a small notebook and a pen to get your favorite celebrity’s signature when you run into them at some chichi restaurant on Rodeo Drive. If all else fails, you can always see your favorite pop culture figure when you get to the Hollywood Wax Museum.

5. Sunscreen

The weather is super pleasant in Southern California, and even though it’s sunny, you can usually catch a cool breeze. Don’t let that fool you, though, you still need to pack  and wear sunscreen! The last time I visited, it was a little overcast, and I still ended up with a bit of sunburn. And you, my Roadtrip Star, are too fabulous to be caught dead in Hollywood with a sunburn!

Mama Knows It All

That’s it! I know Hollywood is known for it’s drama, but packing for a road trip there doesn’t have to be. Hey, it’d be awesome if you would  share where else I should take my family while we’re in the area. Leave your advice in the comments! Thanks!

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Friday 1st of November 2013

I LOVE the Hollywood Wax Museum!!...You guys are going to have such a DARN good time!!...I cant wait until we find out more about what happened on the trip!!


Sunday 3rd of November 2013

I'm excited to go, @MavenMantrap:disqus! Terrence lived in LA for many years, so he'll show us all of his old haunts! Can't wait!