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What Should My Husband Get Me For Christmas?

What Should My Husband Get Me For Christmas

Every holiday season, I have the same thought, “what should I ask my husband to get me for Christmas?”

Words of affirmation are my love language, but gifts are his. 

He doesn’t just like to receive, he loves to give, too!

I’ve learned to love receiving gifts, thanks to him.

That still doesn’t stop me from having to dig deep to figure out what presents to request!

What Should My Husband Get Me For Christmas 2022

If your husband is asking you want for Christmas and you're not sure what to ask for, here are some ideas for presents you might like!

Other good Christmas gift ideas

If none of those ideas suit your fancy, here are a few other things that you might like:

  • A weekend staycation at a local resort
  • Gift certificate to take a class at a local art center
  • Theater or concert tickets
  • A museum membership
  • A meal delivery service for your lunch
  • A spa day (think massages, facials, etc.)
  • Mani / pedi gift subscription for the year

A couple of things to remember

Remember, if you really don’t want to receive presents, it’s okay to be clear and say that.

You aren’t obligated to accept gifts if you don’t want them.

What Should My Husband Get Me For Christmas

The other thing to keep in mind is that when he asks you what you want—tell him what you really want!

Don’t worry about what’s in his wallet, or try to make things easy for him.

He wouldn’t ask if he didn’t want to know, and hopefully you’re both on the same page about budget and expectations.