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What My Husband Wants For Father’s Day

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

My husband is a planner.  Family vacation? He has the days scheduled. Bills? He’s on it. He leaves nothing to chance, not even his Father’s Day present. I’m not complaining. I’m the complete opposite. I’m the type of person that moves when the energy is right and my chi is balanced. We’re a match made in heaven. 🙂 Terrence doesn’t ask for much, and he’s incredibly giving to Ayva and me. Father’s Day is his day. He deserves to be spoiled and acknowledged. I appreciate not having to try to figure out what he wants, or waste money because I bought him a gift that isn’t useful to him.  If your husband isn’t quite as open about what he wants as Terrence is, I’ve decided to share some of the choices Terrence gave me. It might spark an idea for you!


Terrence already has a tablet, but he really likes the size of my iPad mini. He’s decided that a Lenovo 7 inch tablet would be a good replacement for the one that he already has (and that is about 2 years old now!)

Lenova Tablet - Father's Day Gift

Golf Bag

One of Terrence’s favorite things to do is play golf. He just told me that the strap on his golf bag broke, and he’d really like a new one. He’s a creature of habit, so if I do get him a bag, I’d probably  get him one that is exactly like the one he has, but new.


The other day Terrence said to me, “You know, men like spa gift certificates, too.” Hint taken, Sir. He works hard, and a long commute to and from the city each day takes a toll on his body. Since he’s not likely to hook himself up with a massage, this is an option that would really have that “gift” factor.

Putt A Rounds

Although Terrence enjoys playing golf, the summer time is really busy for him at work, so he really doesn’t get a chance to get out. When he saw Putt A Round, he thought it’d be a good way to keep his stroke good even when he can’t get out. I was sent a Putt A Round to try out, and the the cool thing is that Ayva enjoys it as well. It’s like a double gift! He gets to practice his stroke, and spend quality time with his baby girl.

Putt A Round - Father's Day Gift


Terrence has declared that he is not watching any television over the summer, so he’s looking to add to his book library. When we were at Disney Social Media Moms a couple of months ago, we received Donald Driver’s book, “Driven“, and he can’t wait to dig into it.

Donald Driver "Driven" Father's Day Gift


My husband is a good man, but he has one vice. He smokes a cigar once every 3 or 4 months. He’s finally out of the cigars that he purchased before our wedding last year, and he’d love to get his humidor filled back up again.

Homemade Daddy Gift

Out of all of the gift ideas that Terrence provided, the one thing he made clear was anything that Ayva made would be the highlight of his day. She’s been working on something special at school that she’s really excited about, and I know Terrence will love it.

Did this help at all? Give you any ideas? What are you getting the men in your life for Father’s Day?

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Mama Harris

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

Ooh, that book looks like something my hubby would love, as well as my older sons. I've been looking at some nice BBQ's, I think it's time for something nicer and larger than our little one we've been making do with. My husband likes to be pampered too, massages and pedicures really help him because he works such a physical job. You've got some great ideas here!