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What Is MY Success?

Do you ever wonder whether the idea of success that you have for yourself is accurate? Last night, my girlfriend came over to work on her graduate school application. She and I have been friends for about 3 years, and although she is 7 years younger than me, she is one of my best friends. I love her to pieces, and it’s been so fun to see her goals manifest into a job as a Special Education teacher, and soon, as a graduate school students. It seems like everything she wants is falling into place. She’s working super hard, no doubt about it, but I know other people who work hard, too, and things never seem to come together.
I kind of feel like I’m one of those one of those people. One day I feel like I know exactly what I’m doing and exactly where I’m going, and the next day, I’m completely lost. I have all sorts of questions swimming in my head. Is this uncertainty normal? Do really successful people ever have self doubt? Am I feeling like this because I’m a Scorpio? I don’t know the answers, but all I know is every other minute day, I’m giving myself a pep talk, “You’re on the right path, Brandi”. “You can do it, Brandi”, “Don’t stop moving forward, Brandi”. Weird, right?
It’s not an option, though. I have to do it. I can’t afford to NOT be motivated, to NOT keep woking to try to get to my success…whatever that is, whatever that means. I’m certainly grateful for folks who are on the path already like my soon to be a graduate student friend, my soon to be graduated master social worker friend, my songstress tri-athlalon friend, my new homeowner cousin, my blogger friends, my boyfriend, heck, even my potty trained 2 year old. All of their successes, all of their accomplishments, show me that hard work does pay off, and eventually (I hope!!) my version of success will reveal itself to me.
How do you define success? Have you achieved it?